All Things Bright and Beautiful

Summer provides a revitalizing palette for my soul. (Ahhhh…) Besides the brilliant backdrop of greens and blues from our lawn, lake, and sky, there’s a veritable rainbow of fresh produce to cook with — and eat.

Serenity mixed with intensity.

Looking back through the ol’ blog archives (which I do every once in awhile to ensure that my writing and photographic integrity are still intact) I was tickled to rediscover these blasts from the past in somewhat “rainbow” order:

Regarding the Ranier cherries in the first photo (with a batch of ‘flat belly water’ in the background —see previous post) and the bell peppers below….

Sometimes colors meld into each other, transitioning from one hue to the next like “in between” colors of the rainbow. Love when that happens! Gradual is the name of the game here.

The striated cherries were a lovely snack all week and the peppers are soon to be stuffed. (Sorry, no recipe — “throw-together” supper tonight.)

What’s your favorite color of the rainbow and/or summer food to eat?

Enjoying subtle transitions,

~ Kim

5 thoughts on “All Things Bright and Beautiful

    • Liz, I revel in the produce aisle when cherries are in season! Whether I “pit” them or not with my wonderful cherry pitter utensil, they provide a once a year “sigh…” :) xo Thank you!

  1. For those of your who follow me on Facebook (thank you!) I finally posted the recipe for my Stuffed Peppers. Sometimes it takes me awhile. :) Not sure if you can see it on my “a little lunch” page or not (begging your pardon…) but I SO appreciate you being there, xo.

  2. such wonderful colors reflecting all the many tastes of the season. I can’t decide if my favorite is peaches or watermelon – both top my list for summer pleasures.

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