A Slow Roasted Kind of Day

Summer is in full swing here with temps near 100, but today also included an early morning thunderstorm, revisiting old and new kitchen utensils, simmering spaghetti sauce (not pictured), baking a batch of five-cheese garlic toast (also not pictured), and roasting garden-fresh veggies because my oven was going. A good “inside day” with time to regroup and re-evaluate. Thank God for A/C! Hope you’re all cool and comfortable, xo.

I also swept floors (a perfunctory chore I enjoy for its instant gratification), unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the fridge, wrote several letters, two thinking of you cards/notes, a birthday card, and answered a couple of emails. Basically, I had the house to myself. Peace and quiet. Sheer bliss! Don’t get me wrong. I miss my hubby when he goes to work, but sometimes a girl needs a lil’ “alone time” — and I’m not one to waste time. All in all, it was a productive and peace-inducing day.


Pictured above is my “Toy Box.” (The Land of Lost Toys for kitchen gadgets!) Most of them are/were from my mother-in-law circa 1950’s — potato ricer, et al — but they’re too precious or one-of-a-kind to discard. By now you know I tend to be nostalgic. :)

Over the years I’ve added a few others to the mix due to infrequent use or lack of a place to store them, but it’s always a delight to open the lid to discover what I “shoulda/woulda/coulda” been using. Wonderful innovations, now and back in the day.

Plus, I like mixing things up. Speaking of which…

Here’s my latest kitchen mat — an ergonomic wonder featuring “air pockets” to relieve fatigue. When I think of my Grandma hovering over her ol’ cookstove on a linoleum floor (or worse) I feel entirely spoiled, but grateful. Grandma would have embraced change. And kitchen mats. A very forward-looking lady.

The next one was “just for fun” after I acquired a lil’ wall decor at the Mission store. Gotta love it when themes unexpectedly appear in life.

What are yours saying to you?

Re: garden-fresh veggies, I’m talkin’ new red potatoes, pattypan squash, a head of cauliflower sliced, diced, & drizzled with EVOO, and sprinkled with a variety of flavors — summer savory, marjoram, freshly ground black pepper, pink Himalayan sea salt, and a dash of garlic & onion power — my makeshift version of Herbes de Provence minus the rosemary and lavender. I was too lazy to walk out to our front yard, plus it was pouring buckets. But, I wore my “lil’ French housedress” — or at least I imagine it to be — a cute black & white number trimmed in hot pink. We should all feel so lovely when we cook.

Stirred with a spurtle procured from my aforementioned Toy Box, the golden goodness that resulted will feed me for days to come.

Ditto on ahhhh…

Are you mixing things up? Do tell!

Enjoying slow-roasted days,

~ Kim

21 thoughts on “A Slow Roasted Kind of Day

    • Thank you, Jeff! It’s called a “spurtle” — a Scottish kitchen tool hearkening back to the 1500’s for stirring porridge. My cousin gave me a set of 3 (various shapes and sizes ) and I love ’em, too! Haven’t made porridge with ’em yet, but they sure come in handy. Thanks again!

  1. My kinda day, too, Kimmmeeee….yes, a girl needs her quiet self time. Nothing more nurturing and invigorating! And, love your toy box and roasted veggies…perfect day I say, luveee! xoxo

  2. Sounds like a peaceful, and fun, day Kim! I LOVE your toy box! I have some from different relatives, and use them as props, some of them I actually use. Thanks for sharing your day with us :)

    • Shea, it was! (Day Two of “lake life” is ensuing. :) I used to put more thought and/or props into my food photography, but these days it’s pretty much out of the oven, onto the plate, or not photographed at all! Your recipes and pics are stellar and inspiring. Keep it up. Thank you!

    • Hadia, thanks for your comment here, on my FB page, and/or the Boho Tribe. (Some days I’m so far behind, lol — social media is not my forte’.) But, I try to keep up and I happened to tune in with plenty of roasted veggies to sustain me. :) Thanks again!

    • Liz, I was SO thankful for that day to regroup — sounds like you are, too — mine just happened to fall on a Monday (and rainy day.) I also understand your needing to “wait” until November. Hope the weather is kind to you on the opposite end of the world! xo

  3. Hang on to those “old” toys! Awhile back, I looked at some of my kitchen things and thought they looked pretty sad and I should replace them. Well…..the potato peeler I bought isn’t nearly as sharp as the one I have used for decades, I couldn’t find a pastry brush that wasn’t plastic, and I still haven’t found a pair of tongs that comes together at the tip so you can pick up small things. Mine are “oldies but goodies” for sure!!

    • Would that be Faribault, MN my “Fbo Friend?” Do tell! I hear ya on keeping the oldies, but goodies. (Somehow we inadvertently fall into that category, too, lol!) So many of today’s replicas or wanna-be kitchen tools are a far cry from the originals. BTW, my favorite kitchen utensil is a pair of silicon-tipped tongs that comes together at the tips. I use ’em for everything!

  4. What a great post! I’m picturing you French! Maybe I need a dress like that… Lovely vegetables. I’m honestly not fond of the lavender part of herbs de Provence…

    • What an honor it would be to be French, Chef Mimi (in my dreams…) and YES, you need a dress like that! My lake attire is subject to change every day — mostly I go for comfortable — and FYI, I’m not real wild about lavendar either. With a judicious hand (and loads of cooking experience) it can lend another level… ’tis up to you. (And leaving it out is entirely okay!) Whatever works, whatever flavor of the day you’re feeling, and whatever you’re wearing is “de riguer,” xo. (Can’t pronounce half the words, but I love ’em so. :)

      • I know what you mean. I don’t go for much that is botanical. I don’t want rosemary in my cocktails, nor lavender in my ice cream. I guess I’m old fashioned.

    • Thanks for your seafood inspirations and Truth about heading straight to the kitchen. Yup. The weather here often dictates dinner (hence my frequent references to “en papillote”), but we do what we need to do,indoors or out. I LOVE grilled seafood (or lake food, loll!) but I keep a few stovetop and/or oven-ready recipes in my back pocket at all times. :) Thanks again for your comment and real life perspectives. Sounds like you’re a great cook!

    • Fun and tasty, too, Carol. :) Here’s to going with the flow, thank you! Some days I’m all over the map (France in particular, lol) but dear friends and comments ground me, xo.

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