Close Encounters of the Lake Kind

I admire folks with the ability and patience to capture low light images.

Above is one of my fledgling favorites, back when the Lightning Tree still existed. Unfortunately, it (and my tripods) succumbed to earth, wind, and fire. C’est la vie. Some things are better left to experts.

Or memories.

Once in a Blue Moon

Over the years I’ve fooled around with nighttime photography and/or the full moon has fooled around with me. Raise your hand if its tidal pull gets the best of you, too. One thing I love about the photo above — blurry though it may be — is the spot on the lunar surface. What was that anyway? Don’t think it was a satellite zooming across the sky — it remained stationary. Ya never know when folks are watching.

I’ve even tried to take pictures of lightning. Let’s just say it was a hair-raising experience. (Do not try this at home!)

Last night I also witnessed a super nova. Such is my writerly life at 2:00 a.m. without photographic evidence. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of strays from the Perseid meteor shower — an annual August event —  when a familiar star blazed incredibly bright, then disappeared. Whether or not that celestial anomoly was documented by anyone else, I saw what I saw and was WOWED. Coincidence? I think not.

Full Moon over the Lake

What I’m trying to say is: live YOUR life whether you capture it on film or not.

Stellar moments happen but once in a lifetime.

Or at the right shutter speed.

Enjoying nighttime Lake Life,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Lake Kind

  1. Hi Kim, been thinking a lot of you lately. Are you sure that super nova was not your sister, Laurie letting you know she is still out there even though it was 5 years ago at this time that the Lord took her home. Love you much. Jeanne

    • Ahhh, Jeanne… Laurie was on my mind (and heart) this past week, especially on the 17th. Can it really be five years? You’ll be happy to know that a lovely cardinal serenaded me every morning I was out on the deck. :) The super nova was “once in a lifetime” event too — brilliant and bright — just like she was, there and gone. Thanks for your analogy, xo. Love ya, cuz!

  2. Beautiful night shots! Live life to the fullest cause life’s short. In case you haven’t read my recent blog posts, I’ve already stopped blogging so I’m entering a new phase of my life, & enjoying every minute of it.

    • Oh, Shirley! Somehow I missed your new phase. (No wonder I haven’t seen your posts in my inbox lately.) But, it sounds like you’re listening to your heart and on the right path. Enjoy! xo

    • Sounds like you’ve experienced insomnia (and creativity at odd hours) too, Liz. For me the best cure for sleeplessness is to do something that inspires me, never mind what time the clock says. It’s much easier falling asleep with a smile on your face! xo

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