Meanwhile Back At The Lake…

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I’ll try to keep mine to a minimum. It’s just that I love Life On The Lake — even when it’s 98 degrees in the shade.

The long weekend came and went, life returned to normal, and here it is… another lazy Saturday afternoon. Thought about firing up the grill again, but it’s still 98 degrees (or above) and I didn’t feel like breaking into a sweat, plus there’s enough food in the fridge to cobble together a few “inside” meals — a blessing — and I rather like listening to Bossa Nova music in the background. :)

In lieu of anything new, here’s a recap of last weekend’s grilling adventures:

Do you eat corn on the cob or cut it off? (Either way it’s fabulous.)

The Man Of Few Words prefers his sans cob, but I couldn’t help “taste testing.”

Whatever floats your boat.

Last but not least, be sure to celebrate every day — not just on the weekend.

Special moments are only a new perspective away and blessings arrive when you least expect them.

Enjoy your time on God’s green planet!

Enjoying prism moments,

~ Kim

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back At The Lake…

  1. I love the way you use ‘cobbled together’ to describe the meal. The best meals I’ve ever eaten, or created…were ‘cobbled together’. Whether it’s the seasoning, the weather, or as i suspect the company, they are recipes that can’t be duplicated. And for that matter, make them perfect.

    • Stan, hooray for ‘cobbled together’ meals! Sounds like that’s the game plan in your kitchen, too. Some experiences — or recipes — can’t be duplicated (or measured precisely), but they taste fabulous and bless our lives. Back in the day I thought about becoming a “blog biggie”, but I didn’t want to work that hard, lol. I’m tickled for friends who’ve transcended blog post obscurity, but I realize how much hard work that involves! (God bless ’em, one and all!) As for me and my household — bring on the impromptu meals, BBQ grill or otherwise — life is good at the lake. Thanks so much for your comment, xo!

    • Mimi, those were Earl Campbell’s hot links — gluten free, no MSG, no nitrates — and although I’m a lil’ suspicious of the red casings (plus, my hubby can’t stand ’em!) I was a happy girl noshing on them in subsequent days. I love my “dawgs” slightly well done, as you can see! :) FYI, went to the grocery store this week to acquire everything needed for your recent Ratatouille recipe (thank you!) but they didn’t have eggplant — go figure! Might have make it without for now, but roasted veggies with “integrity” are in my wheelhouse and I love learning new (or authentic) methods. Happy Rest of Summer. Autumn is 10 days away, hallelujah! xo

      • So close… just wish the weather watched the calendar in Oklahoma! i remember Earl Campbell! We lived in Texas a bunch before Oklahoma. I saw him in person once. He was built like a house. Enjoy your rat!!!

        • Actually, Mimi, I’ve come to revel in how close Oklahoma’s seasons come to the calendar date. Back in Minnesota it was snowing by now, lol! Old joke: the 3 Seasons in Minnesota are: winter, road construction, and winter. LOL! I love it here. And how ’bout Earl Campbell? Tickled to hear you met him in person once… thanks for the “visual.” :)

          • No, to be honest, I SAW him nearby, did not meet him. It was at a famous dance hall in Dallas, way back in 1979? 1980? Like, Dickey’s? After line dancing became popular because of that movie. Anyway he was the largest person I’ve ever seen. And yes, I can see the appreciation of Oklahoma from a Minnesota standpoint!!!

    • Thank you for your reply, Liz! We’re supposed to have a cool-down this week (upper 80’s!) but it sure beats 98 in the shade. Hopefully by this time next week — or in the next 10 days until the “official” start of the season — we’ll get some heat relief. I can’t wait! Here’s to Autumn, xo…

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