In My Kitchen ~ October 2019

Welcome to my Autumn edition of In My Kitchen. Each month Sherry MacKay of Sherry’s Pickings hostesses a global gathering of food lovers and it’s such a blessing to tap into their know-how, recipes, kitchen gadgets, ingredient discoveries, well-written stories, fabulous photos, and world travels. (Click on the green link for more.) Even though I only participate seasonally, it’s all good. Tasty, too!

In My Kitchen… are Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies and an antique cup and saucer that once belonged to my piano teacher. The cookies are a gluten free, dairy free treat I indulge in regularly (in moderation, of course) and the delicate Haviland Limoges china from France enhances every cup of coffee I’ve ever enjoyed in it.

Speaking of which…

In My Kitchen… are Tempiello coffee beans and a NoirBar dark chocolate-sea salt treat, thanks to the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa. A few months ago I signed up for a drawing class taught by an effervescent octagenarian (a lifelong art teacher who continues to share her gift — it’s all about sharing — remember kindergarten?!) who subsequently arranged a field trip to the “big city.” Although Tulsa doesn’t rank as high in population as NYC, Washington, D.C. or other “big” cities, the Philbrook is touted as one of America’s finest art museums.

We also dined at their restaurant Kitchen 27. The name derives from Philbrook being founded in 1927 and location at 2727 S. Rockford Road and their menu was an epicurean’s delight. After feasting on grilled salmon atop farro pilaf with golden raisins and almonds, a pickled mustard seed and Dijon cream sauce, sauteed haricot verts, and a stellar cup of Tempiello coffee, I couldn’t help but visit their gift shop.

The celebration continued after I got home.

In My Kitchen… is/was Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Ever tried it?

For more adventures — or to share yours — tune into Sherry’s In My Kitchen link.

Enjoying creative outlets,

~ Kim

22 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ October 2019

    • Thanks, Karen — it was. We toured for about an hour, had that memorable lunch break, then toured some more! I intend to go back to see everything I missed (they were mid-renovation in one section and their traveling displays change.) Ditto on a delightful place!

  1. How lovely to be able to drink out of a cup that was once you teacher’s. (I’m not quite sure where to put the apostrophe in that sentence – I’ve had a few goes and think this is correct) Of course, I’ve never heard of the Philbrook so did some Googling. I took at look at their calendar – there’s plenty on and I’m glad you got to visit the restaurant. When museum restaurants are good, they are very good but they are few and far between in my opinion. My two faves were one in the Guggenheim in Bilbao and at MONA in Hobart.

    As for Oyster Bay? What Aussie hasn’t tried it? Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough in NZ single headedly introduced Sauvignon Blanc to Australia. I find them a bit too fruity these days but they are high quality and still very good value given their enormous success.

    • Fiona, apologies for my belated reply. We had some thunderstorms rumble through and the non-stop lightning forced me to unplug my computer — my digital piano, too — “just in case.” No need to tempt fate! Anyway, I think your apostrophe is in the right place :) and I loved your info on NZ’s Sauvignon Blanc.

      Cabernet Sauvignon is my “go to” wine, but sometimes I need white wine to poach fish — or just for a change — and instead of Chardonnay I got this Sauv Blanc and it was a nice change. I’m still amazed that I can get it here, at our local grocery store no less! Loving the world-wide connections, there and IMK, xo.

    • Tandy, I shared a square with my hubby (ONE square mind you, lol) and he said: “This tastes salty.” He seemed rather surprised it was “supposed to” but not me. Yay for chocolate & salt!

  2. Hi Kim,
    Ummmm Being from Australia, I buy the particular oyster bay by the carton LOL! there is alway a bottle in the fridge in case friends drop in… I’m a champagne girl myself but this is a delicious drop and not expensive. Oh and you had me at coffee and dark chocolate! what a stella combination! Thanks for popping in to my blog today, it is great to be back in the family! Liz xx

  3. The Philbrook is wonderful, as is the Gilcrease. We’re very lucky to have what we have. There’s a banjo museum I need to go to in OKC! I’m being serious. I love banjos. Anyway, I didn’t know you’re an artist. You’ll have to post your sketches!

    • Mimi, I came home from that outing resolved to do more than just dream about art. It’s been on the backburner most of my life, except for a gym-length mural I helped paint for senior prom.) Unfortunately physics, chemistry, and math conflicted with art in high school (drat), but it’s been a joy dabbling in my dormant aspirations now. As I’ve oft said: I LOVE living in Oklahoma — such an inspiring place– as was your encouraging comment, xo. Will try to post something “artistic” in the coming months, but bear in mind, Georgia O’Keeffe didn’t start until later in life… :)

      How ’bout that banjo museum in OKC? Who knew?! Neat to discover you’re a banjo lover, too. One of my favorite CD’s (Foggy Mountain Banjo by Flatt & Scruggs) perished in our fire (double drat) but your revelation made me look them up on You Tube. Yeehaw! Listening to it now. :) xo

      • Oh good! I love Flatt and Scruggs, and doc Watson. I still listen to bluegrass, often while I’m cooking! So it sounds like you were a nerd, too, but with artistic talents! My daughter worked at the Guggenheim and she gave me a tote bag from there that said, “my kid could do that!” I thought it was perfect for putting art into perspective! As in, “there’s no bad art.”

        • Mimi, I’m smiling over your daughter’s tote bag slogan from the Guggenheim (how cool is THAT she worked there?) and being identified as a “nerd” at my age (lol) but you speak the Truth. Can’t deny it, proud of it! Life has proved to be much more interesting and fun as a result, and Fall (or Spring) cleaning and COOKING have been more lively. Didn’t know about Doc Watson (just looked him up, too… amazing!) and of course you know Roy Clark recently passed from our 5-string midst. Again, amazing… xo.

  4. hi kim
    thanks so much for joining us in IMK. what a lovely cup and saucer! nothing nicer than drinking from fine bone china is there? of course here in Oz we drink a lot of that NZ sauv blanc.:-) it’s a fabulous drop. take care and hope to see you for IMK again soon. cheers sherry

    • Sherry, it’s a pleasure to join you and the IMK’ers again. Hope you’re enjoying Spring there… maybe with another glass of that “fabulous drop” in hand? (Loved your phrase!) It amazes me that it’s readily available here and I’m tickled we can share some mutual enjoyment half-way around the world. :) Thanks for continuing to bring us together in IMK land! xoxo

  5. Interesting selection of things in your kitchen. There must be more of a story about the cup & saucer!

    best… mae at

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