Autumn in Golden Increments

Autumn arrived subtly this year. Then, BAM!

However, yellow seemed to be the primary color of the day.

Golden moments.


And then, there was this…

A lovely bouquet from The Man Of Few Words with yellow roses to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.

I love Autumn. And him. May your season(s) be equally and colorfully blessed, xo.

Enjoying life’s golden moments,

~ Kim

7 thoughts on “Autumn in Golden Increments

  1. You are blessed to have such beautiful color in your world. Our Minnesota fall just never happened. A few trees graced us with beauty, but most just turned brown and fell off. The rest hung on until the cold and snow got them. My linden tree looks sad with freeze dried leaves stubbornly attached. Fall is my favorite season and I feel cheated. Actually, we haven’t had our beautiful spring or fall for the last 2 years. Record low temps in November (-2). Do I hear a Bah Humbug??

    Warmest wishes to you and TMOFW on your anniversary. Again, you are blessed!

    Love from your Faribault Friend (MB)

    • Marian, it’s a shame you didn’t get to enjoy the trees in all their Autumnal glory. My son (in MN) said the same thing — one day he was raking leaves and the next he was shoveling 6″ of snow! Not sure what’s up with the weather, but your comment was heartwarming. Yes, Bah Humbug to sub-zero temps! Thanks for your anniversary wishes, too, xo. Blessings…

  2. I love the title of this post! Golden increments. We’re waiting for the Bam out here. I think it got too cold too early? Congrats on the 19 years. that’s a lot. Gorgeous flowers.

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