Bleak Friday at the Lake

Yes, you read that right. Today is “Bleak Friday” at the lake. God bless the folks who brave early morning risings and long lines on Black Friday, but I’m not one of them. Especially when it’s raining, thanks to a continuation of Thanksgiving Day’s 24-hour drizzle. The sky is overcast (not to mention dripping) so I opted to stay put. Ahhhh… it’s been a productive day.

Thanksgiving leftovers bagged, tagged, and in the fridge or freezer for future use? Check. House cleaned and festooned for Christmas? (Paltry though my decorations may be…) Check. Music perused, practiced, and in place for a memorial service on Saturday and two church services Sunday morning? Check. Dishes and laundry done? Check. Airplane ticket booked for a holiday in New Hampshire? WOOHOO!

You get the idea. I don’t sit around or shop much. (Unless it involves following my heart to visit my daughter on the East Coast between Christmas and New Year’s — the first holiday we’ve spent together in over a decade — plus I get to meet my son-in-law to be and his family!) Some things are worth the wait or long overdue. Decide what’s important to you! Even if it means standing in line.

Below is a synopsis of Thanksgiving dinner. (After the fact I know, but it was wonderful.) Hope yours was as equally magical, colorful, and tasty! Smiling about the empty “pumpkin without the pie” dish, thanks to TMOFW and his Mom. After 50+ years of rolling out pie crusts for family dinners, she decided to bake the filling (or in my case, the overflow filling) in a separate dish. No fuss, no muss. Russ ate the whole thing before dinner! Who says dessert can’t come first?

Although that turkey breast may resemble Ol’ Mother Hubbard’s shoe, it was the perfect size for the two of us. After it was stuffed, skewered, and roasted I served it alongside a very small ham with a few side dishes. We felt blessed (and stuffed) beyond measure! Thanksgiving was good at the lake — hope yours was, too. And if you’re still standing in line to snag more Black Friday deals, God bless you.

The roses were my last-minute idea for a lil’ shot of color to overcome a soggy Thanksgiving Day. (And today.) So glad I impulse-bought ’em. I’m sure there’s a lot of that going on yet. :) You GO!

Enjoying “Bleak Friday”,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Bleak Friday at the Lake

  1. I totally do NOT get the whole Black Friday thing. We were in Atlanta and missed the Oklahoma bleak Thanksgiving this year. I hope you have a wonderful time in NH!!!!!!! How exciting.

  2. Even if it wasn’t a sunny, warm Thanksgiving, it sounds like a really nice one. I’m with you about not shopping on Friday…I can’t take the crowds. You are going to love New England, just dress in layers.

    • Duly noted, Karen. I’m packing layers as we speak. Whereabouts are you located in the Nor’east? Your cranberry chutney (with venison quesadillas, as suggested by one of your readers) is one of the dishes I want to cook with my daughter. She and her fiance’ are deer hunters and I can eat that (YAY) on corn torillas w/o the cheese, We both love cranberries, too. No shopping trips planned unless I take a train to Fanueil Hall to snag a few after-Christmas deals. :) Mostly, I just want the snow to stop falling! xo

      • I used to live on a farm (apple orchard) in Southern New Hampshire as well as summering at our cottage on a lake in Maine. We are now in Florida, and yes, it was because of the snow. 😊

    • Yes ma’am, Mimi! Thanks for commenting, xo. Bleak and dreary weather I can handle, but right now I’m more concerned with the COLD. (Possibly even checking a suitcase with a quilt, etc. — whatever keeps me warm!) However, it also means room for bringing home goodies. :) I’m looking forward to cooking with my daughter and shopping Faneuil Hall’s after Christmas sales. Good food and FUN awaits — even they mean extra baggage. Happy Holidays!

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