In My Kitchen ~ December 2019

Happy Holidays everybody! Welcome to In My Kitchen (winter edition.) Couldn’t help but festoon my baker’s rack to celebrate the Season and the fabulous bunch of friends I’ve met from all over the world thanks to “IMK.” For a glimpse of their gadgets, goodies, and global adventures, click on our congeinal hostess’s link: Sherry’s PickingsWhether you peek or participate you’ll find a warm welcome.

In My Kitchen… I’m pretty set with cooking implements, other than a serving plate or two. (The better to entertain with, my dears.) Lately I’ve been focusing on ingredients — some for me, some to share with friends — and some The Man Of Few Words keeps sneaking! He’s been very polite about asking (and asking) until I finally told him to “have at it.” Let’s just say I’m a good sport about sharing my chocolate and/or blueberry fig bars, plus the fact he prefers them over his usual snacks is a testament to how good they are, not to mention good for him. Shhh…

It’s doubtful he’ll tuck into my Decaf Ginger Peach Tea, Pad Thai Rice Noodles, Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, or Sriracha sauce (heaven forbid!) but I recently noticed that “my” Sicilian Orange Marmalade has disappeared by the spoonful every time I hear the toaster pop up. Good thing I have jars of Fig Tangerine and Wild Berry (not pictured) on reserve. True love comes in new flavors and sharing is part of the plan. What a blessing to inadvertently introduce someone to a “new” way of enjoying life simply by restocking the pantry to suit me.

And sharing.

In My Kitchen… is the sweetest lil’ teapot. Okay, it probably qualifies as a gadget, but I knew I had to have it the minute I saw it. No more running to the big tea kettle on the stove to refill another cuppa while reading or watching TV. (Some days I feel more ambitious than others.) Nestled in the cute polka dot “bowl cozy” — a gift from my cousin Jeanne, previously pictured — it offers immediate recliner-side relief from the cares of this world. Is there anything more soothing than a cup o’ tea? (And homemade, hand-made love?)

In My Kitchen… is one of my favorite plates. I’m sure I’ve shown it to you before, but it bears repeating: Promise. Peace. Possibilities. Patience. Words to live by.

Words I LOVE and have lived by most of my adult life — even when somebody is sneaking my snacks. :) Happy Holidays!

Enjoying The Reason For The Season,

~ Kim

10 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ December 2019

  1. Hi Kim, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year, best wishes to you and your family. Just love the red kettle, very festive and the little grater in the background is cute too. Lovely words to live by Kim and the platter is gorgeous too :)

    • Thank you, Karen! I’m about to put the kettle on before hitting the road for another musical event (only one more after that, whew!) and I’m looking forward to a few backroads in New England soon — or at least a few more cups of tea. Enjoy! Merry Christmas to you and yours, xo.

  2. Loved you comment about the gadgetry. As I was doing holiday baking yesterday, I thought I have too much stuff and I need to do a purge. Your bakers rack looks festive. I finally got a few more decorations up yesterday. Happy Holidays!!!!

    • Debra, thanks for your holiday wishes and comment, xo. Even with my “no more” mindset on gadgets, I still manage to bring home more stuff — so easily seduced by another must-have — “as seen on IMK.” ;) Purging cupboards is on my 2020 to do list, too. Glad to hear you put up a few decorations — I’ve barely been home long enough to enjoy mine. Hoping to catch up on that (and IMK) after two final music events this week. ‘Tis the Season… Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. I really could have used that tea kettle yesterday. I was making hot buttered pumpkin rum and it didn’t really work that well trying to pour boiling water out of a burning hot pot. What brand is it? I have a lot of red year-round in my house. Love that color!!!

    • Mimi, I love that color, too! The brand is Creative House and I got it at Ross Dress For Less in Muskogee. :) Hope you can get your hands on one. It has a removable infuser/strainer insert too — multifunctional AND cute. Enjoy that next batch of hot buttered pumpkin rum!

  4. hi kim
    well i love your platter, and your gorgeous red tea kettle. we have put up the tree and some xmas lights and a few decorations but we’re taking it easy. not going crazy this year. thanks so much for joining in IMk this year. always a pleasure to have you here. take care and have a fab xmas break. cheers sherry xx

    • Thanks, Sherry! Our Christmas decorations are “minimalist” too (other than my baker’s rack, ha!) — a tiny tree and a few favorite baubles around the house. Every year I threaten to haul out an extension cord and light up a cedar tree growing on “The Hill”, but so far not. Sometimes simpler is better. Wishing you a lovely holiday season! xo

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