An Ode to 2020 and Beyond

Today I come to you with 365 posts to my credit. A whole year’s worth of blogging. (Never mind it took nine years to do it.) Frankly, I thought I’d have a best-seller under my belt by now, too, but life goes on and goals get revised.

Living life well is my most important priority this year.

One thing I’ve learned along the way is to keep writing even if you hit the “delete” button more often than “publish.” The ability to detect B.S. is also an acquired skill. :) Write everything down. Your thoughts matter — so do mine and everybody’ else’s — read them with an honest heart and an open mind. Edit and/or delete as needed.

When you give thoughts the space they need, you’ll also be able to discern whether to take them seriously or not. Use your time wisely. To those who have the gift of posting regularly, I applaud and admire you. Eventually I plan to emulate you. Thanks for the inspiration! Well-written thoughts tickle my soul. Meanwhile…

Eat well to sustain yourself.

Pictured above are two cooking creations o’mine: Neopolitan Meatballs with Ragu (courtesy of Milk Street magazine‘s Jan/Feb 2020 issue) and Brandied Mushroom Pate’ pasta — the result of repurposing leftovers from a beloved dish after sharing the original pate’ with pals at a pre-holiday gathering. (Click on the links for recipes.)

Life is better… tastier… when you share it with the ones you love.

Noodles are such a comfort food for me — evidence of my Czech heritage, too — even if I have to eat the gluten-free version. FYI, these are photos of my hubby’s serving — my GF noodles fell apart, but they tasted good, even if they didn’t photograph well. Cook what your heart and stomach crave and you’ll live a much happier and fulfilled life. Punting is allowed! Do what works for YOU.

Mostly, I just wanted to say hi and Happy New Year. Love y’all!

Are you living life WELL this year and beyond? Do tell.

Enjoying “2020 vision” at the lake,
~ Kim

9 thoughts on “An Ode to 2020 and Beyond

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    • Thanks, Karen! It’s been slow-going word-wise lately (I got sidetracked by art — more on that later) and hope to pick up the pace eventually. Your Cuban Black Beans are on my menu tomorrow, yay! :) Whether I write anything or not, at least I eat well — and live well — or adventurously! Here’s to the New Year and new decade. Thank you, xo.

  2. Such an inspiring post, Kimmmeee, and all your words are so true and spot on, especially passing on the goodliness of life and the blessings we all have. I’m so happy that you and Bebe girl got to spend Christmas together. Truly an epic blessing. Love you girl! Keep posting this amazing content! xo ~ally

    • Miss Ally, we’re on the same page — literally. After I published this, I started catching up on emails and discovered your sage words about living your best life. Yeehaw! (Also loved your phrase “passing on the goodliness of life” above… yup, that’s what it’s all about.) Love you too, girl — Happy NEW Year! xo

    • Stan, it was even better with BACON. :) I mixed some pasta water into the pate’ before I tossed everything together, but decided it needed a lil’ more “heft.” Long live the South!

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