Chicken Salad and Other Possibilities

We could all use a few possibilities these days.

One thing I’ve done to pass the time is to see how many “new” meals I can make out of one. The other night it was roast chicken. After dinner I deboned the bird, simmered the carcass with veggies for stock, and divided the rest into portions. Visions of poultry dishes danced in my head: chicken Alfredo, creamed chicken on baking powder biscuits, chicken Tetrazzini, chicken ‘n’ rice hotdish, and many more — plus one o’ my favorites — chicken salad. Talk about a party on a plate.

Depending on “who” you invite, the outcome is different every time. (Great way to use up fridge-dwellers, too.) Yesterday’s soirée included diced Granny Smith apples, celery, and onions — with cooked chicken, of course — seasoned with Himalayan salt, freshly ground black pepper, grated nutmeg, and dressed with a jalapeno honey orange mayo combo. Let the revelry begin!

I also feel the same way about potatoes. (Sorry, no photos.)

Mashed, baked, creamed, fried, scalloped, hashed, roasted, boiled for potato salad (or in soups and stews), pancakes, patties, au gratin, O’Brien, oh my! At times I feel like “Bubba” in Forrest Gump.

But, whatever you do…

Memories were meant to be passed along. (Safely.) Make the most of your time… and ingredients.

Enjoying a lil’ creativity in the kitchen,

~ Kim

9 thoughts on “Chicken Salad and Other Possibilities

  1. Chicken supplies seem to vary in different parts of the country — your area looks lucky. We are still seeing rather little of it, though I’m not going out and it’s dependent also on where someone shops for me or where I call for curbside pickup. I do love chicken salad as you do, sometimes with apples, sometimes with grapes. And I’m with you all the way on potatoes!

    Be well… mae at

  2. Great minds! I IPed a lot of chicken breasts and froze them last week. Have one thawing out this morning to make chicken salad for lunch. I’m trying to do a lot of the same. You know that almost any leftover is good the next day on top of a baked potato! :) Stay safe, Kim!!!!

    • Timely that I made baked potatoes last night and TMOFW saved the “skin” for moi. Isn’t it amazing what creative cooks can do with leftovers, Debra? You be safe too, xo. Covid-19 is getting very real and very close to home. The least we can do is to feed our loved ones and ourselves well. God bless…

  3. Just did something similar w/albacore tuna, but wish I’d seen your recipe first! Adding the nutmeg sounds divine, and I had granny smith apples…what wash I thinking…or rather not thinking! Next time…yes, beautiful food memories here, my luv! xoxo

    • Too funny, Miss Ally! Tuna was next on my must-make list: Nicoise, tuna salad sandwiches, tuna hotdish, yada yada. Great minds think alike! Tonight it’s goulash for TMOFW and “whatever” for me. Seasoning makes all the difference. Granny Smith apples, too. :)

    • Candy, my “problem” is realizing I don’t have to make everything at one time! (That’s what the freezer is for, right?) Here’s to metering out leftovers for many creative days to come, xo.

  4. Hi Kim, I hope you are well and surviving the social distancing. It’s starting to get to me since they closed the trails along the oceans yesterday…walking was my stress relief. Anyway, this is a perfect time to engage our creativity in the kitchen. My store was out of whole chickens when I went…go figure. But I got a large package of thighs. We have to go with the flow. Wishing you the very best of health.

    • Sorry to hear your favorite stress-relieving venue was closed, Liz. Walking by the ocean sounds sublime. Wishing you the very best of health and creative kitchen memories, too. What?! No whole chickens? Suddenly I feel more blessed than I already did. I’m sure your chicken thighs turned out entirely tasty though. Take care.

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