Truth From The Lake

I’ve wept for worldwide losses. Smiled over simple joys. Felt blessed to make dinner despite shortages. Prayed for the less fortunate. Contributed to causes.

What more could I do while social distancing and staying at home, as “personally” as the internet allows? Make bread.

A lil’ lovin’ from the oven goes a long way — plus the store was almost out.

This is 2020, yes? What a different world we live in. But, back to the basics can be a good thing — a vital reminder to cherish life and change what you can, even if it means kneading dough after your arms are tired. (Imagine what it must be like for folks on the front lines… doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT’s, police, firefighters, first responders, gas station/convenience store/ grocery clerks, etc. — God bless ’em all — and thank you.) Sometimes we need to start “from scratch.”

While I was pummeling dough, the song “I Need You” by America came to mind. (Probably because my brain accesses random trivia when I least expect it; remind me to become a Jeopardy contestant.) “I knead you, like the flour needs the rain.” [sic]. You get the idea. Hopefully you can access this link to their recording session, along with a few o’my own in bold blue. Some things bear repeating.

I especially loved the banter at the beginning wondering if they should do over and their producer’s advice: “Just keep going.” That’s where we’re at right now, America.  Just keep going! Stay inside, wash your hands, listen to/follow the CDC guidlines, and make the most of your time on the planet. Make bread and music if you can, too — you never know whose soul you might inspire, save, or feed. Keep it up!

Enjoying an introspective moment at the lake,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Truth From The Lake

  1. The flour situation seems to be getting better.Our neighbor who is still going to stores bought us 2 bags this week, so we can continue to have home-made bread. I haven’t heard anything about the other shortages. What an unexpected catastrophe is this disease!

    be well… mae at

    • Mae, I hope you ‘n’ yours are well — and well fed. It’s times like these when knowing how to cook is “essential.” Glad you were able to get flour. I can’t imagine what it’s like in big cities where many folks rely on take-out food to survive. Ditto on: this is an unexpected catastrophe! Take care, xo.

  2. LOL. So… I love the ‘I need you, like the flour needs the rain.” Here’s my story.
    I’m almost 18 years old. I’m in Kansas City doing some door to door selling. I walk into some sort of Holistic Medical Massage parlor. I ask them what they do. And the woman asked me ‘Do you knead your bowels?”
    I said “Hell yeah I need ’em!”
    and walked out.
    It wasn’t until she came after me laughing that I knew what she meant.
    Stay safe… stay away.

    • Liz, I was surprised to see the flour display was sold out on my last trip to the grocery store — rice and dry beans, too. It’s getting more desperate by the day here. I’m just thankful to be able to cook from scratch with what I have on hand. (We’ll be ok.) Praying you are, too! xo

  3. America. Well that takes me back to high school! It’s really good to know how to bake bread. I’m really good at it, as in I could make it in my sleep. But I can’t bake anything else. Not even cookies. Seriously. I look at all of those gorgeous cakes and cookies and sweets on Instagram and just admire them whilst shaking my head. It’s mind boggling to me. But then, you can’t live off of sweets, so I’m okay with just baking bread!

    • “Awesome”, Chef Mimi! At the risk of wearing out an age-old axiom (with H.S. memories, fave songs,and bread/baked good recipes to boot), your hands and heart are definitely in the mix. Keep it up — even in your sleep! That’s what counts — hands on. (Not that I’m counting.) This past week I meant to bake TFMOW a few sweet treats, but he’s fussy about his sugar intake. (More particular than peculiar, but I respect his preferences.) I have to adjust every day! We should all be so discerning… sounds like you are, Go. Bake bread. Don’t feel guilty, xo. :)

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