Flowergram XI

Flowers are blooming around the lake so I thought I’d reinstate a former tradition: the Flowergram. (You can view the other ten by typing ‘flowergram’ into the “looking for something?” tab in my sidebar.) Too beautiful not to share!

Easter lillies were absent from our at-home holiday (Happy Easter, y’all!), plus it was the first time I didn’t play piano or organ for that church service in over 50 years. Yup, I’ve been at it for that long… and I miss it. Imagine my delight seeing an iris blooming against all odds to cheer me up. So delicate. So intricate. So aptly timed.

The world needs a lil’ cheering up these days.

So COLD for Oklahoma, too!

The weather took an “unseasonal” dip overnight (30-degrees with 30 mph winds) and I had to brave the elements to take pics this morning. I dressed in a hot pink bathrobe, black hooded sweatshirt, an old green raincoat, and my Wellingtons. (The Man Of Few Words has seen worse, lol!) So how’s your isolation wardrobe these days?

Despite my avant-garde attire, it was uplifting to see the earth adorning itself in beauty once again. There’s a lot of HOPE in that. Life goes on… despite the odds.

Whatever you wear, be safe! It’s a jungle out there.

Enjoying local flora & fauna,

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Flowergram XI

  1. Irises were a big part of my childhood — they came back in our yard every spring, and we loved them. I’ve never succeeded in growing them at our current home.

    My goal for quite a while (even before lockdown) is never eat lunch in pajamas. (I almost always eat breakfast in pjs). By lunchtime, I have my shower and put on real clothes. Since I often stayed home a lot even before coronavirus hit, it’s the same clothes: already chosen to be comfortable and serviceable and ok for leaving the house. Right now that means only walks at a socially acceptable distance.

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. Love the pictures Kim. My morning (ok sometimes into the early afternoon) attire is right on track with your own. Maybe we should start a fashion show of how folks really look like now. I’m a little sick of all the on line stores showing pictures of their staff in perfect outfits.

    Hugs to you, stay safe. At least you have a beautiful place to practice social distancing.

    • Liz, I love your idea for a “real life” fashion show and TRUTH about morning attire extending into afternoons. Evenings…? Some days are better than others. :) We’re really thankful to live in a secluded area — no social distancing required! (Except when we drive into town to pick up groceries.) I’m also grateful for curb-side pick-up, but I miss grocery shopping. Last week I ordered carrots (meaning the whole ones you peel) and they gave me “baby carrots.” At least I have some healthy snack food! Hugs back, xo.

    • Glad to hear you’re smiling and laughing, Karen! Humor helps in trying times, eh? It’s very liberating to dress so “carefree” but I’ll have to be mindful when I return to the real world (whenever that may be…) Thankfullly my hubby is color blind and doesn’t give a hoot about what I wear. :) Be well, xo.

  3. I was so happy to see one of my irises blooming on Easter, too. I meant to go take a photo but didn’t. :( My stay-in attire has consisted of mostly yoga pants and big t-shirts. I don’t know when I had make-up on last. I do throw on a bit of mascara for ZOOM meetings, though. Take care!!!

    • Yay for yoga pants and big t-shirts, Debra! Comfort comes in more forms than just food and being comfortable helps ride out the stay-at-home days. I haven’t been wearing makeup either, but I don’t have to attend any online meetings. (Whew!) My hubby said I’d “scare him to death” if I did. ;) You take care, too!!!

    • Been here twelve years and running, Chef Mimi. So far the most challenging part of our tenure in OK was our house fire five years ago (not counting Covid-19) but we survived. Hoping that trend continues and praying that you ‘n’ yours are safe. There’s nothing more blessed than to be able to take care of your loved ones by cooking them a good meal, other than HUGGING! Sending you virtual hugs, xo.

  4. There is beauty everywhere if we only open our eyes and minds to it.
    May the beauty of this holy season rest on yiur heart with joy.

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