Virtual Hugs Are Better Than None

Today I was thinking about hugs. (Something we’ve all been missing since Covid-19 invaded our lives.)

What are hugs exactly? A physical exchange of affection? Shows of affirmation? Encouragement embraced in two arms?

Although we’re not allowed the blessing of human touch at present, there are substitutes for relaying feelings when such means of contact are lacking — and/or ill-advised by the CDC.

The flowers above were planted by The Man Of Few Words to bring JOY into my life — and yours, xo.

Virtual hugs are popping up all over the planet: tele-songs from inspired muscians; humorous videos that allow us to laugh at our human frailties; heartfelt applause or banging on pots and pans from stay-at-home balconies; neighborhood dance parties; drive-by parades to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries; meals made with love and a lil’ bit of ingenuity; Flowergrams…

Yesterday this hand-picked bouquet showed up on our dining room table.

Even though I can’t touch you right now, I feel you!

(I love you and miss you, too.)

What’s been happening that made you SMILE (without involving hugs) to relay your JOY? Do tell.

Enjoying sharing virtual hugs,

~ Kim

6 thoughts on “Virtual Hugs Are Better Than None

  1. How wonder and timely your message on virtual hugs and the many forms they take. We lost an aunt and one of Mel’s old shipmates in the past few days (not Covid19) and mourning their passing has been tough under the current circumstances. Thank you for the reminder that hugs – and beauty – and love are all around us!

    • Oh! So sorry for your recent losses, Carol. A dear relative of mine passed away this week, too (not Covid-related, so far) and I feel for all those who deal with life going on despite such things. Virtual hugs to you ‘n’ Mel!

  2. What has made me smile lately? Well, I lost a good friend last year. Since then, her son and I have kinda adopted each other. On Good Friday he showed up outside on my porch with a bouquet of flowers on one arm and an Easter basket on the other. Do you know how many years it’s been since I received an Easter basket? He is just the most thoughtful man – I think his mom was smiling right along with me!

    • How wonderful is THAT, MKB?! Thanks for your comment… much appreciated. SO sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend last year. I just lost a dear family member this week (not Covid-19 related, but a loss nonetheless) and every bit of positive news has been uplifting. An Easter basket you say? His Mom was definitely smiling! FYI, May 1st is coming up (May Basket Day) and perhaps a lil’ reciprocal love (or basket) is in in order? Be safe and virtual hugs to you!

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