Fried Rice and Another Flowergram

With everything that’s going on in our country right now, including food shortages, I’ve refrained from posting “foodie pics” until today. They just didn’t feel right under the present circumstances. (No offense to those of you who have — thanks for the recipe ideas, too.) I stopped counting Flowergrams after my recent post… the less “statistics” or advice the better.

However, since I’m faced with the same shortages as you are and know how to stretch a meal, I thought I’d share a supper: Fried Rice. (Chop sticks not included.)

Whatever brings you JOY and/or feeds you ‘n’ your family!

This particular batch involved water chestnuts, yellow onions, green onions, part of a red pepper (the rest was reserved for omelets), frozen peas (briefly steamed), and a scrambled egg seared in sesame oil. FYI, I used vegetable oil to start things out, so as not to overwhelm the final dish with the sesame oil flavor. A lil’ goes a long way! Feel free to add a splash of soy sauce and/or gluten-free tamari at will, too.

Rice has long been a staple of the world. Folks’ lives depend on it! Often paired with fish, Beans ‘n’ Rice is a favorite dish o’ mine, too. Gotta love cross-cultural cooking.

Ironically, I forgot to include any meat (supposedly on the endangered list, too, or so “they” say), but my hubby ‘n’ I didn’t miss it at all. It was hot, hearty, and healthy, plus it filled us up — and then some.

Last, but not least (and owing to the predominant color scheme of the day…) here’s a rose that bloomed despite our stormy weather.

Enjoying savoring blessings — foodie, floral, or otherwise,

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Fried Rice and Another Flowergram

  1. I think you and I are a lot alike. Most “recipes” for me start with “What do I have?” as the first step. “What can I make with this?” as the second. And end up with, “Dang that was good!”
    Sure there’s a little more planning mixed in… like storing rice to fry. But overall, methinks it works out pretty good!

    • Stan, birds of a feather… :) I concur with your steps, too, especially the last one. Can’t tell you how many times TMOFW has heard that! Thanks for stopping by the lake, xo.

  2. My impression is that many of us who can’t go anywhere (even to a market) are spending more time than ever cooking and baking, using whatever raw materials they have on hand or can order or otherwise procure. Going ahead with illustrating what they do seems natural! I think it’s enjoyable to see their food photos, and I liked yours, too.

    be well… mae at

    • Mae, it seems like all i’ve been doing is cooking — and cleaning, lol! — but raw materials are the stuff life is made of, xo. The better to take care of your family — and yourself — right? xo

    • I just re-read your comment, Mae, and realized I missed “the big picture.” (No pun intended.) You’re right — illustrating what you do seems natural. It’s why photographers share photos, artists share art, and writers publish — why not “foodies?” The world needs all the inspiration it can get, now and in the future, and we’re blessed to have such an accessible means to lift our spirits — or inspire new meals! Thanks for pointing that out to me, xo.

  3. Kim I hope you and family are all well and keeping safe. Fried rice is a winner and love that you can adapt ingredients to whatever veggie is at hand. Looks tasty. That is one beautiful rose :)

    • Ahhhh, lovely Moya… thank you. Hope you ‘n’ your family are doing well, too, one day (or meal) at a time. Fried rice is a definitely a winner and a great way to clean out the fridge. :) (Don’t tell my hubby, lol!) There’ve been several roses since I picked that one and not only am I enamored of their sight, I’m amazed by their smell! Here’s to fragrant memories and meals!

    • So true, Liz! I keep a running list of potential meals based on my fridge/freezer stash so I can keep track of the “bits and bobs” and Fried Rice is my catch-all! Glad you enjoyed it, xo.

  4. That looks wonderful. Why in the world in fried rice so damn good?!! I found a David Chang recipe for bacon-fried rice, and it’s so good and easy that I whip it up when my grand daughter visits. She likes it with salmon. She’s 5. But I leave out the hot sauce and fish sauce for her.

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