Friendships Renewed

Just tried to re-post a “blast from the past” since I don’t have anything new to report these days. (Blame it on Covid-19 and contentment.) I know WordPress offers a way to do that, but I haven’t figured out how yet. So, I’m teasing you with a photo of Old Boy (our Great Blue Heron) and hoping you’ll click on the following link to see what I’m up to. Some things never change, including ongoing friendships.

If you’re feeling so inclined, please look up my other Rhapsody in Blue posts in the sidebar under “search.” Can’t believe it’s been that long since I wrote them, but Life On The Lake has stayed pretty much the same. Feeling blessed!

So, how are YOU doing during the pandemic? What are your greatest challenges so far? What’s been your greatest solace? (Please share.)

Other than cooking, cleaning, and keeping myself amused — reading is a HUGE plus — I’ve been hanging out and enjoying whatever God and Nature have to offer. How about you? Are you okay? I care about YOU!

Hoping this lil’ bit of PEACE was a bright spot in your day.

Enjoying solace — and friendship — at the lake,

~ Kim

5 thoughts on “Friendships Renewed

  1. Oh, Kimmeeee, I think we’re all feeling littl’ pangs of blue. This life situation is wearing heavy on us all. Buuuuuuut, I must step back and remember that I have not ONE REASON to bellyache! A roof over my head and food on my table. And, more wonderful things. It’s good to be reminded. And, you post does this poignantly xoxo

  2. What a peaceful feeling the photos of that beautiful bird convey. I wish I felt as relaxed. The pandemic has caused me to travel 1500 miles from OK to CA to get medical care for my troublesome knee that never really fully healed after 5 surgeries. This time will be heading into surgery at Stanford, which is both a teaching and research Leading medical facility. Have been welcomed into my son’s home while here. That is a blessing!

    • Oh, Carol! You’ve been through so much with your knee (and multiple operations.) I hope this time is the ONE! Glad you felt that sense of peace… praying for you my friend, xo.

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