Another Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Sometimes life can become so cluttered we don’t see the beauty in front of us — or we neglect to look for it.

(See that orange leaf on the left? A promise of more colorful days to come.)

After a recent 7″ inch rainfall and the ensuing runoff from the Canadian River, which feeds into the lake and deposits an assortment of driftwood and such onshore, this lone forerunner of Fall — a harbinger, if you will (love that word) — reminded me that my favorite Season is almost here. Yay!

Here’s another couple of looks courtesy of our neighbors’ yards.

Thanks for the peace, y’all!


Then there’s the tree below. What an interesting life it must have led to leave such scars… wish I knew its story. I have plenty of scars of my own — we all do. Do tell! Someday I may even write about my own.

On the homefront, two trees in our front yard perished in the fire five years ago (going on six), but they’re such bird sanctuaries we haven’t had the heart to cut them down. (Mother Nature seems to take care of that one branch at a time.) Pictured below is a resting place for woodpeckers, warblers, chickadees, bluebirds, blue jays, cardinals, hummingbirds, thrashers — even turkey vultures — and more.

Wherever you are (in the big city or a rural retreat) notice the BEAUTY around you. Ignore any ongoing “clutter” and appreciate your life.

Most of all, “Keep On The Sunny Side.” If you’ve never listened to that song or read the lyrics, please click on the link above. Beauty and the promise of more colorful days ahead keep me goin’. Hope they do you, too, xo.

Enjoying an unexpectedly beautiful day in the neighborhood,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

  1. We are enjoying the same change of weather and foliage here in Michigan. It’s cooler and the flowers are blooming desperately before the inevitable frost. Bees are everywhere, storing up pollen for the coming cold. I usually don’t worry about winter, but this is going to be a difficult one for humans too.

    enjoy your weather and stay safe… mae at

    • So true, Mae! This winter could be a long one — longer than we ever anticipated — be safe and well. Glad to hear the bees are carrying on :) I LOVED your description about the flowers blooming “desperately” before the frost, too — poetic words, xo. Thank you.

    • Hugs, Debi… every time I doubt myself (or my words) I give them a day or two to “percolate” and amazingly, they still express what I wanted to say in the first place. Glad they meant something to YOU! Much appreciated, xo.

    • Thanks, Carol! Hope you’re home soon to enjoy the Fall flora and fauna. with eyes and a knee that functions once and for all! So nice of your son to put you up in the midst… hugs to all!

    • You and me both, Chef Mimi! Haven’t these cooler mornings been a blessing? Amazingly, I don’t think we reached 100 all summer, but “hot” days still do me in. Mostly, I just want to get outside and enjoy it. Sounds like you do, too, xo.

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