The Girl With Green Polka Dot Eyes

I had to get glasses back in fifth grade when the blackboard started looking blurry. Fast forward fifty years when my music began to look blurry. It was time for another look at glasses…

There were many more eye exams and upgrades since fifth grade — wire rims, rimless lenses, hard and soft contacts — even a pair of HUGE plastic frames in the 1980’s in shades of purple. Long live Prince…

For years I didn’t wear corrective lenses at all. Oklahoma’s DMV even said I didn’t need to wear glasses after I “semi-retired” and downgraded my CDL (professional truck driver license) to a “Class D.” Also, per my optometrist, folks often pay good money to have that kind of vision — nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other. The Man Of Few Words just calls me “the girl with green polka dot eyes.” :)

But, my musical livelihood was at stake. Enter cataracts...

Despite being able to see without glasses before now, “age” crept on me. My left eye isn’t a problem yet, but the right eye’s cataract is “faster-growing.” Even though I don’t need to return until next year for another exam (hallelujah!) I need to wear glasses in the interim. Oh well.

The photo above illustrates my latest frames — plus a few more wrinkles and grey hairs since my last “selfie” — but such is life. Take good care of yourselves… and your eyes!

Enjoying seeing clearly again,

~ Kim

17 thoughts on “The Girl With Green Polka Dot Eyes

  1. I knew I needed reading glasses when I couldn’t see the airline magazines any more. Why? In the cheap seats on a plane you can’t extend your arms and get the reading material far enough from your eyes. Now I really need them, and cataracts will catch up with me eventually as well.

    stay safe! mae at

    • Too funny about your airline-seat-distance discovery, Mae! I had to have a separate pair made for piano playing — the music is a lil’ farther than arms’ length, but not far enough away to use my “distance” glasses. Vision is nothing to take for granted and we’re blessed to be able to correct it in so many ways. “See” ya around the block at IMK! :) xo

    • Many thanks for your comment Neil, as well as for your “Yeah, Another Blogger” thoughts. (I’m listening to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon right now… two songs to go… all favorites, thank you.) Sorry to hear you had to get specs so young — or younger than me, ha! — but, perspective is everything, right? I’m looking forward to reading more of your clear-eyed and clear-headed musings. Thanks again!

  2. Your eyes are mesmerizing! And, those cataracts, well, they be gone! Such an amazing new world you’re seeing, luv! xoxo ~ally

  3. Hi there, it’s a progression Kim. For many years my corrective lenses were one eye close, the other far. Then my middle vision suffered and I tried multi focal. Then the cataract in my right eye was removed the beginning of this year. I only wear a contact in the left eye. You have beautiful eyes and the glasses just frame them.

    • Oh, Liz! Every day (and age) is a new adventure! Sounds like your cataract surgery was a success and I’m glad you only have to wear one contact now. Whatever works, right?! Thanks for your compliment too, my friend, xo.

  4. Ahhh – a kindred spirit – one near and one far! Some people choose to get this option during cataract surgery. We don’t have to pay extra!

    • Absolutely! I’m hoping my cataract surgery is a ways off yet (years?) but I’m thankful there IS such a thing. Tickeld to hear your near/far combo is working out for you in the meantime, too!

    • So true, Tony! It’s important to be honest and transparent with our children about health issues that may affect them and future generations. At least our communication has improved!

  5. You’re adorable! Very pretty eyes. I’ve never had to wear glasses, but I’m really lucky because when I started to not be able to read menus (NO!!!!!) I got a close up contact in the weak eye, and the other, stronger eye takes charge of long distance. It’s pretty wonderful.

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