In My Kitchen ~ November 2020

In My Kitchen… are two Mickey & Minnie Mouse stemless wine glasses from a favorite friend. How timely! This month our In My Kitchen hostess, Sherry MacKay of Sherry’s Pickings, invited us to include “curve balls” in our posts besides the usual kitchen paraphernalia. Don’t you just love lighthearted, good-humored people? FUN!

In My Kitchen… my “best-ie” also sent two Mickey & Minnie shaped silicone trivets. Ditto on fun and lighthearted! Thank you, xo.

In My Kitchen… is an Oklahoma-shaped cutting board that illustrates our State’s unique shape. It’s also handy for charcuterie on the rare occasions our lake neighbors show up. Covid-19 has impacted our “socializing” and our State has been on the news a LOT lately with its rising numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths. Hold your loved ones close — or as close as you can — and celebrate every unique moment.

In My Kitchen… is a Noritake tea cup and saucer I acquired for tea-drinking. Somehow it just didn’t feel right to drink tea out of a coffee mug! Bearing in mind that most of you are entering your hot season, the cooler days here begged for special treatment… a hug in a cup.

In My Kitchen… are bay leaves I ordered from — more than I anticipated! But, they’ll add a lovely flavor to soups, stews, shrimp boils, and whatever else I figure out to use them in, don’t you think?

In My Kitchen … (or just up The Hill…) Autumn has arrived. It’s always been a Season of introspection for me — this year particularly so — and goes to show that some things still remain “the same” amidst change. How lovely to revel in that constant.

In My Kitchen… is one last “curve ball” pic of Life At The Lake — taken after one of my walkabouts. As Yeats wrote: “I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” Be gentle with folks (yourself, especially) during these tumultuous times. Keep following your dreams. Every day is a new adventure!

Enjoying Autumn and wishing you well,

~ Kim

21 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ November 2020

  1. So lovely to hear from you Kim. I hope you and your family are all keeping well. Autumn is indeed my favourite season, but here in Wales its been raining a lot with the leaves turning to slippery sludge. Your Oklahoma-shaped chopping board is a marvel, i do hope it is ornamental and that you don’t intend to use it. Warm wishes

    • Shaheen, surprisingly the cutting board came with seasoning directions to USE it, not just look at it. (Although I still hesitate to “cut” on it, preferring to serve on it instead.) Preservation is everything, right? Sorry to hear your leaves have turned to sludge — we’re in the middle of that transition too after a recent rain. Gone are the “crispy” Autumn days, but I love the aroma! :) Be safe and well, too, my friend, xo!

  2. Hi Kim, those glasses sure are cute! I love fall colours, particularly since they aren’t the norm in Australia. When I lived in Canada I went out to see them everyday and I would jump in the leaf piles whenever I could!

  3. I’ve bought Jordan almonds from but had no idea that they carried spices. I use bay leaves when I cook beans and also put them in marinara sauce…two ways you might want to try if you don’t already.

    • Thanks, Karen! I add bay leaves to my marina, but never thought about beans! (There’s always something new to learn from IMK — thanks for sharing.) I’ve also ordered Jordan almonds from them in the past — SO good. (Remember when those were “the” wedding reception treat?) Maybe they still are. Look around on their website! I love EVERYTHING I’ve ever ordered from ’em. Be safe and well, xo.

  4. I wish I could find those glasses here, my granddaughter LOVES minnie mouse. And yes, it is so important that we tread lightly. Be safe and stay healthy! I use bay leaves in my flour and rice containers to keep any of the nasties out. Maybe a good use for some of the ones you got :)

    • Thanks for your tip on keeping the “nasties” out of my canisters, Tandy. (Who knew?!) Wish I could send a duplicate set of those glasses to your granddaughter. (Maybe check I’m not sure where my friend sent them from, but they’re a delight. So was your comment, xo!

      • P.S. Thank you for “treading lightly”, too. It seems like our souls are teetering in the balance these days — but, as they say: “The strong will survive.” (Just looked up that quote and discovered it was attributed to Anne Frank).Very empathetic company, although our tribulations are nothing compared to hers. Be safe and well, my friend, and keep sharing your bay leaf innovations! xo

  5. You have a great and fun loving friend to send you the mouse glasses and trivets! I received some bay powder from The Book Club Cookbook (which have some great and inventive spice names). I’m not sure how to use it b/c I’ve always used bay leaves. (I would encourage you to buy a bay tree. I harvest my own from a small one in the green house.)

    We love the fall colors at the lake (Grand) and have enjoyed the scenery much this fall. Love your road pic. One of or favorite things to do is to have a cheese plate and wine as we watch the sunset. I’ve been looking for a tray but might have to just keep a board like yours up there.

    Never thought about the tea vs. coffee mug thing. But, I do have some very underused tea cups in the china closet that I might start using.

    Be safe and well!!!

    • Very cool, Debra! I’ve run across recipes advising “pulverize or crush the bay leaves” before adding — or removing them afterwards (seriously, I keep count of how many I add)– but never a source for bay leaf POWDER. Sounds like a great way to eliminate fishing them out, or having them end up in your gut with stems intact threatening to perforate your innards. I always learn something new from IMK! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Fall and sorry for my beleated reply… it’s almost over here… snuggling up as we speak and looking for more ways to incorporate bay leaves into my cuisine — or drink wine in my Minnie & Mickey glasses.:) Take care, xo!

  6. Nice. I had no idea sold bay leaves! I used to get everything from Penzey’s, but they went political, which really bothers me. I don’t care what side they’re on, I just don’t like it. I had a post on FB recently about food, and this blogger made two comments about the election results. REally? Anyway, it looks beautiful there. We had the major ice storm, so we lost a lot of tree branches and leaves, which is sad. So it’s just kinda dull outside. But at least it’s not hot anymore!!!

    • Mimi, before I ordered from I looked through every one of their “tabs” and it was very enlightening. My only regret was not splurging on cardamom. ($pendy, but lovely in holiday breads and such.) Just gives me another excuse to order when I run out of wild rice, etc., ha! Sorry to hear about the devastation in your area from the ice storm. I see the State just put in for emergency funding to recover from it, if that’s an indication. So far we’ve been spared. The “Hill” is impossible to drive up when it gets icy and I’ve been blessed to stock up on water and the basics in advance. Predicted shortages due to Covid-19 don’t help. Gotta love Oklahoma!

      Re: political stuff, I can barely stand to turn on the news these days. It was interesting to read perspectives from afar on IMK though, but I haven’t encountered any controversy here or on FB thus far. (Thank the Lord!) Ditto on REALLY? On your FOOD post?! Folks clearly have too much time on their hands or anger in their hearts. Wishing you a brighter Autumn and PEACE!

      • I’ve gone through snacks and dried fruits, but somehow missed spices. I will have to be more patient next time. I’m slowly running out of all of my Penzey’s bulk spices and herbs. Yeah, I’m not a political extremist, and like I said, I don’t care if someone’s on “my” side or their side, I just don’t like it when it’s inappropriate. I asked her, “with due respect,” to stop commenting.

  7. hi Kim
    so lovely to have you here for an IMK post. Funny to think you’re heading into autumn while we are sweltering under the ceiling fans. it was over 30C today. i love that cutting board. how quirky! and cute. wow you will be making lots of food with bay leaves from here on in. always good to add to a stew or soup. Micky and Minnie – so delightful.. take care my friend.
    sherry xx

    • Hi, Sherry! Great to connect with you again here, on your blog, and IMK! What a year, eh?! Incredibly our summer was very tolerable — not a single 100 degree day (37-something there.) Still, 30 C is plenty warm! I thought of another idea for my glut of bay leaves… fish stock. (Or Court Bouillon, to be precise.) The Man Of Few Words blessed me with a freezer full of bass fillets to tide me over the winter and I love poaching them for my dinner. One way or another I’ll use them up! Hope you’re staying comfortable and safe, xo.

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