In My Kitchen ~ December 2020

In My Kitchen… this fish trio ended up on top of our freezer to make room for the Christmas tree. (I couldn’t help but dress them up a bit to include them in the festivity.) Although the freezer isn’t located In My Kitchen per se, it’s an integral part of our daily meals, faithfully storing stock, vegetables, meat, and more at sub-freezing temperatures. I’m so grateful for its silent, stalwart convenience.

The hostess of In My Kitchen (Sherry at Sherry’s Pickings) encouraged us to include curveballs now and then — things beyond the usual cooking goodies and gadgets. My contribution is “O Fish-mas Tree…” :) For more holiday kitchen fun around the world, please click on her link (in bold) above.

Merry is as merry does.

In My Kitchen… it’s out with the old and in with the new… coffee-maker, that is. Our “modern” one quit on Thanksgiving Day, and my ol’ stovetop percolater came to the rescue until a replacement could be acquired. (It also comes in handy when the power goes out.) Yay for coffee-making alternatives!

In My Kitchen (or nearby)… is my lil’ Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This year I added lights and set it in a window to brighten up the world. Hope it did yours.

We could all do with a lil’ more merry!

Enjoying holidays at The Lake,

~ Kim

26 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ December 2020

  1. Merry Christmas – we all need lots of brightening up at Christmas this year – I am glad Christmas is over but I think it was nice to have some get togethers and see people I had not seen for so long. Your tree is very cheery and the fish-mas tree is v amusing!

    • Thanks, Johanna! My busy time of year (music) is finally done and I’m counting down the days ’til 2021. (It WILL get better, yes?) Glad you got to celebrate the holidays with friends. Happy New Year! xo

    • Liz, I’m glad you’re not in the worst area of CA for Covid-19 (we aren’t here either, thankfully), but it pays to be cautious, even if claustrophobia is one of the side effects! During a rare outing today (I had to go to a “big-box type chain store” to replace my hubby’s work boots) I was never so glad to get out of there and get HOME. I also surprised myself by how long I could hold my breath (even while wearing a mask) to avoid a person coughing and sneezing in the next aisle! Hopefully, we’ll be able to breathe easier in 2021, xo.

  2. Can’t leave the fish out of the festivities. And thank goodness for old fashioned gadgets that don’t rely on mod cons! They’re all coming back in fashion now. One of my kids asked for a turntable for her birthday this year, and they’re all listening to vinyl now!

    • Azlin, isn’t it funny how “old” things are suddenly “new?” (Wish I still had my record albums.) Thank goodness festive fish dinners never go out of style! Happy Holidays to you ‘n’ yours.

  3. Oh fish-mas tree is a good saying. I’m planning on lots of fishy things for Christmas this year, especially Lobster, since this home grown specialty will be available to Australians at last. I’m glad you mentioned the good old fridge; where would we be without them.

  4. O fish-mas tree! Hilarious!!!!! Love that your spreading the holiday cheer throughout your house. Charlie Brown Christmas Trees have a huge spot in my heart! :) Happy holidays!

    • Debra, I thought a lil’ humor was in order right now, even if it appeared in the form of a non-conventional Christmas tree. :) Glad you enjoyed my Charlie Brown tree, too. Wishing you ‘n’ yours a very merry! xo

  5. O-Fishman tree, gotta love that! Sometimes I get sad when appliances die because they’ve been with me a long time, but I also get excited about replacing them with new varieties :) have a lovely holiday season!

    • Hi, Nancy! Thank you for your comment. I’ve had more than a few appliances (especially coffee makers due to their frequent use) kick the bucket over the years. But, as Marie Kondo says: “Thank them for their service” and move on. Here’s to new varieties… and Happy Holidays!

  6. We lose electricity often, but I have a gas stove. So I have a melita on hand for those occasions. Ironically, it was the first way I was taught to make coffee, my first year of college. It’s just a plastic thing you line with a liner, and place over your cup. Fill with ground coffee, pour over boiling water, and voila! Boy does that thing come in handy! My daughter uses it on a daily basis, after she had an apartment in NYC without a kitchen countertop. Anyhoo, i love your christmas tree. It’s going to be quiet here, too!

    • Mimi, I’m thankful for our gas stove, too. (I keep a supply of matches and water on hand for ice storms and/or power outages.) Glad your daughter found your Melita useful! Back during my first (and only) year of college, my roommate ‘n’ I kept ice cream on our window sill — gotta love MN winters — when we weren’t heating up Ramen on our hotplate, lol. Happy, Quiet Holidays! Glad you enjoyed my Christmas tree. :) xo

  7. Your fish sculpture is really great, especially with the extra decorations. I used a percolator for years, but then switched to French press, which I’m now very fond of.

    be well and have a great Holiday December… mae at

    • Oh, Mae… French press coffee is SO divine! I have one of those (and a Bialetti) and truly need to make use of them more often in 2021. Your fondness has inspired me! Take care, xo.

    • Thanks, Sherry! Yup, what a momentous year it’s been. Wishing you a lovely holidays in spite of it, and please take a break in January if your heart compells you to! It’s always a pleasure to participate in IMK whenI can, even if I have to resort to a fishy tree and coffee! :)

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