Annual Recipe Auditions

Every March I’m on the lookout for recipes to make “the best birthday meal ever” (hoping there’ll be many more birthdays and meals to come.) Generally, I search for dinner first. Okay, desserts, too. ;)

Surprisingly, this year’s first winner was breakfast.

Chef Mimi recently shared a recipe for Monte Cristo Crepes and my “flavor memory” was immediately transported back to the Monte Cristo’s of my youth — thick French-Toast-style ham and cheese sandwiches with jam, sprinkled with powdered sugar. (The Minnesota version came with warm maple syrup, too.) I loved Mimi’s crepe rendition, but obviously didn’t feel very ambitious come birthday morning. I also forgot the powdered sugar and maple syrup. Oh well! Just another excuse to make them again with the aforementioned. Her Monte Cristo crepes are still on my must-make list, too.

Then my thoughts turned to dinner. Frankly, I was too full after breakfast to even think about lunch! But first, I had to make dessert. Many recipes were up for consideration — some from as far away as Australia — but I decided it didn’t necessarily have to be “cake.” Incredibly, another one of Chef Mimi’s recipes showed up on my table later.

Chocolate Mousse. (Click on the bold links for her wonderful recipes.)

What swayed me most besides her life-long experience eating chocolate mousse made by her French mother (need I say more?) was a statement she made in her post: “I mean, if you’re going to eat chocolate, eat chocolate!” Yes, ma’am. That night it was just The Man Of Few Words ‘n’ me for dinner so I halved the recipe to make two generous servings. (Her original recipe serves eight, ahem…) Judging by the way Russ polished off his “serving” it was a total success! I savored the rest o’ mine the next day and it was just as wonderful.

Dinner turned out to be a simple affair — broiled steaks with baked potatoes (preceded by salads), accompanied by a great glass of Cabernet. What a delightful day from beginning to end, especially THE END. But wait… there’s more!

Many thanks for your kind birthday wishes on FB. Greatly appreciated and very uplifting! More “audition results” coming soon too, bearing in mind…

I can only cook (and eat) so many new recipes a day “at my age.” :)

Enjoying friends and flavor at the lake,

~ Kim

13 thoughts on “Annual Recipe Auditions

    • Liz, I’m just now checking back here, too. No worries about your belated birthday wishes. Life happens one day at a time — one meal at a time? — and we do the best we can in between. :)

    • Stan, I totally spoiled myself that day. Russ didn’t mind either — not that he ever does, xo. Cool that you’ve had a Monte Cristo or two, too — I’d forgotten how wonderful they were! Sincere thanks for your compliment on my food photos, too. It’s been a challenge visually this past year due to a cataract that reared its ugly head — hopefully to be corrected soon — thus the reference to “at my age.” ;) Gotta love getting “older!” Now about that steak dinner… anytime, my friend!

    • You’re welcome, Mimi! (I should be thanking YOU again… it was so, so delish.) It’s been fun experimenting with food again and I can always count on your recipes (and friendship) to be “tried and true.” xo

  1. I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I know everyday is a blessed day for you. Today’s post is delicious ❣️

    • No worries, Amanda! You’re so right… every day is a blessed day, xo. Thanks for the birthday wishes (I’m still celebrating, ha!) and your “delicious” comment, xo.

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