Kim Bultman 1Hi! I’m Kim Bultman — a writer and musician from Oklahoma (by way of Minnesota) who loves cooking, photography, and sharing life on the lake with my ever-lovin’ hubby, The Man Of Few Words. (We’re living proof that opposites attract.)

Most of you have full plates and I don’t want to overload you with a five course meal. Instead, I’m offering a few morsels to savor on your journey… some good-natured humor, a few kitchen creations, photos of scenic Oklahoma, and wisdom (or at least another perspective) from my unpredictable life.

“A little lunch” is a phrase that’s stuck with me since childhood. On Sunday afternoons, Grandma would disappear into her pantry and emerge with plates full of homemade gingersnaps or freshly baked kolaches, quart jars of home-canned dills or bread & butter pickles, and something sweet — generally a dish of her one-of-a-kind penuche with black walnuts or fluffy mounds of divinity.

Then she’d brew a fresh pot of coffee, assemble a pile of sandwiches, and summon us to the table for a little lunch. It was her way of tiding us over for the ride home, even if we were still full from dinner. Grandmothers are like that.

So is life.

– – – – – – – – –

Random facts…

I used to drive a semi all over the U.S. — great writing material.

Bach, Beethoven and Chopin thrill my soul, but I played bass guitar in a classic rock band for two years and loved it.

I bought my first pair of cowboy boots at age 40.

Cooking is a tangible form of love.  So is playing the piano.

I still can’t pronounce “y’all” properly, but I have fun trying.

God has a bigger box of Crayolas than I do.

– – – – – – – – –

The coffee’s on… won’t you join me for a little lunch?


Thanks for visiting!

– – – – – – – – –

P.S. Content on my blog is original and copyrighted. Sharing is fine as long as you give credit and link back to the source.

Kim Bultman

55 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful site. You write in a very honest, vivid and descriptive way that draws me in… I reckon I could grab a cup of coffee and just sit here reading for a few hours! Alas, day job beckons. Looking forward to reading more though! x

    • Laura, I appreciate your comment greatly considering how much I admire your poetic way with words (discovered via “follow up” and duly oohed and ahhed over!) Thank you and welcome!

  2. Dear Kim, you have one more new follower/stalker who has and will always find joy and thrill in reading your thought process, watching your marvelous photography and replicating your sexy recipes :) What a treasure you are !

  3. I’ve just been over to see your Guest post which somehow I missed first time round.
    Love your stars and loved the memory given to me. I used to be in a choir in Yorkshire and we used to sing a song called ‘Under the same sky’. I must go and look it out… :)

    • Best wishes to you, too, Sally! I loved the meaning behind your blog on your About page… a touching tribute, an inspiration, and all the more reason to “notice” and share.

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    • Thanks for trying (and succeeding) with WP’s new log-in — I appreciated having feedback so quickly! I understand the need for logging in — lots of “aggregate blog forums” have them (FoodBuzz, Facebook, etc.) and I’m sure it’s a security measure their technical teams work very hard to maintain. (Thank you, Happiness Engineers!) Not sure what’s up with being “boxed” when I’m already logged in, lol — will be patient and try, try again.

      • Long-in? Oh my! Spell checker would not catch anything like that. How embarrassing. Did you get a log-in box for my site when you came by?

        Do you use NoScript by chance? I use it and when I came here I was already logged in, but the form looked like I was a visitor to WordPress. I clicked on my little NoScript icon and allowed your website. After doing this, the form showed I was logged in. I hope I am making sense. This is one of the features of Firefox.

  6. I saw your comment over at the support forum. They’ve been doing interesting things with comments. We’ll see how this goes. I am signed in with WordPress. .

    Besides that, your blog looks interesting. I will have a look around. :)

  7. Congratulations on the new direction you’re taking with writing! I wanted to send a personal note to suggest a couple of blogs that are all about writing! One of them is Julia from http://www.wordsxo.com she writes about writing and is great and interesting. Also, Milli – who is a writing coach and has a great blog called Fear of Writing (www.fearofwriting.com/blog)

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  8. Love the sweet story about your Grandma. And my husband used to drive OTR for years. Oh, yeah, stories! I went with him a few times, and one time on a 2 week stretch through13 states… was I ever glad to be back in my own bed! ‘A Little Lunch’–cute idea! (Oh, and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!)

  9. After a year in Mississippi… I can say y’all :) and it comes naturally too!

    I loved reading about you. I look forward to checking out your posts.

    • Oooh, you’re Deep South, in Mississippi and all. I’m still working on my “ak-sent” — lol — there are still telling traces of my Minnesota “yah-sure, you betcha” dialect. Oh well! I love it here and they put up with me. :)

      Thanks for your kind comments!
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you for your prayers, and also for including the link to your post — it was beautiful and meaningful and I hope everyone who visits here will take time to read it.
      Very healing.
      FYI, my all-time favorite CD is David Helfgott playing Rachmaninoff’s Third. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.
      ~ Kim

  10. So glad to be back. I love visiting your site and feeling the wind blow on my face when I view your photos. Looking for a contact button but I don’t see one. Will you contact me?
    Sue Ann

  11. So glad to discover your beautiful site! I’ve been to Lake Eufaula before (used to live in Little Rock), and my dream as a kid was to be a semi-truck driver traveling across the United States. I still would love to do that — though maybe in a car these days. :) I look forward to more lake visits…

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