Will The Real Kimby Please Stand Up?

Gumby Happy New Year

Howdy do!  The purpose of this post (besides whetting your appetite for the food, photos, & recipes I’ve been squirreling away during my hiatus) is to make sure things are up and running properly before I jump in feet first in 2013.

Good thing there’s a lake out my front door — makes for a softer landing!

One thing you may have noticed is that this and subsequent posts are authored by the one ‘n’ only Kim Bultman.  (That’d be me.)

Kim Bultman aka Kimby

Not to be confused with my “online ID photo” that shows up wherever I comment…

My favorite Okie wildflower

(That’s “me” in flower form.) :)

Don’t fret.  We (I?) are (am?) one and the same!

It seems there was a bit of confusion between here, and there, and everywhere (in cyberworld, at least) with my alter-ego being “Kimby.”  From now on, I’ve decided to sign my blog posts as such… can’t give up everything in the name of progress, now can I?

By the way, did I ever tell you how I came to acquire that nickname?

Well… my lil’ pal, Gumby is an avid promoter of reading (so am I)… my sister put two-and-two together and called me “Kimby” once… and the rest, as they say, is history.  Other than that, things will remain pretty much the same at the lake — for now. ;)

Enjoying jumping in… woohoo!  Happy New Year!

~ Kimby