“A” is for Artichokes

Artichoke with Japanese Mayo

My friend, Carlene, gave me the cutest lil’ serving dish awhile back and after thanking her profusely, I tucked it in my pantry to await artichoke season.  Clarification:  I tucked it next to a 6 inch stack of recipes waiting to see the light of day.

Every time I vow not to save/print/bookmark another recipe (until I cook the other 9,482* recipes in my file), there’s one more begging to be tried.  A flavor that appeals.  An idea that intrigues.

Quite honestly, I could cook something new every day for the next 14 years without ever reading another food blog.  (But we all know that’ll never happen.)

*This figure may be grossly underestimated

A is for Artichoke

Actually, artichokes have been on my agenda for awhile.  I like how they look.  I like the process of eating them.  I like the fact that they’re really giant thistles.  (But don’t let that avert your attention.)  Once you’ve tasted those tender leaves, you’ll be glad you moved them to the head of the line, too.

Previously, I’d eaten them dipped in melted butter laden with garlic (heavenly), but I was in the mood for something subtle.  (Okay, something new.)  Leave it to foodie friends to provide the inspiration!   Below are links to everything you’ve always wanted to know about artichokes, as well as Japanese mayonnaise.

Artichoke B & W

Many thanks to…

Toni Dash | Boulder LocavoreYour tutorial on “The Art of the Artichoke” was fantastic!

Nami | Just One Cookbook — I’m so happy you introduced me to the wonder of Japanese mayonnaise. :)

Quick aside.  I grossly overestimated how much one person can consume (The Man of Few Words wasn’t as ardent about artichokes as I was…), so here’s a terrific recipe for Fresh Artichoke Spinach Dip, along with an alternate version using canned artichoke hearts.  (Thanks Nicole | Foodie McBooty!)

Artichokes with Japanese Mayonnaise

One of these days (in the next 14 years or so), I’ll get back into the creative swing of things and post some of “my” recipes, but in the meantime, it sure is a pleasure trying yours!

Enjoying artichoke adventures,

~ Kimby