Forks In The Road … Pathways To Culinary Pleasure

“Two roads diverged in a wood…  I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

I’ve traveled many roads in my lifetime — from the dusty gravel roads of my youth, laid out in precise square miles in southern Minnesota; to relentless asphalt commutes between work and home during the “busy” years; to the occasional dead-ends on the road of life, which forced me to backtrack and start over; to concrete super-highways spanning America (3,000 miles a week; more, when the hubby and I trucked together); to the twists and turns of scenic by-ways on vacation get-aways; to the red dirt roads that beckon me to wander the Oklahoma hills.  (That’s a whole lotta road in the rearview mirror.)

The intriguing ones would tease “Left, or right?”

Forks in the road require thought — and a response.

Ultimately, they led me to where I am.

In life… and in the kitchen.

In the coming weeks, I invite you to meander as I explore paths on my culinary journey that have made all the difference.

Perhaps you’ll find a few forks along the way.

Enjoying the possibilities,

~ Kim