Deck The Halls (A Teeny Tiny Lil’ Post)

Deck the halls... and chairs

Hi, everybody!  Just wanted to let you know I’m still holding down my corner of the planet… festively, I might add. :)

There’s something magical and exciting about decorating for the holidays.  It creates a wonderland of merriment and transforms ordinary days into “somethin’ special.”

Whether it’s putting the same time-worn trinkets out year after year, or setting the table “just so,” or trimming the tree (and/or walls, doors, & chairs…), there’s joy in the process and memories in the making.  Most importantly, there’s remembering loved ones, past and present.  “Deck the halls!” I say… with love.

Next up on my agenda is a guest post “coming soon” to a blog y’all know & love… thanks for staying tuned!

Enjoying festivity and memories,

~ Kim