The Desk

I never imagined I’d fall for such a modern-looking desk to house my “creative space” (especially in a room I’ve been trying to make look cozy for two years), but with its full-length keyboard drawer and room for treasures on top (my monitor and printer included), I was smitten.

Nothin’ like combining the new with old. If that’s the story o’ your life, too, do tell!

I’ve come to relish unexpected blessings and spontaneously altered floor plans.


Above is my Garden Room (aka office) in flux. Still a tad crowded, but it’s getting there.

My plan, my dream (neglected ’til now) involved moving things around a bit, but it’s coming closer to the vision of what I “want” it to be… HOPE it will be… some day.

The the rest is trial & error. And Trust. God works all things for good! (Romans 8:28)

One thing that’s made my seemingly impossible dream possible — besides moving furniture, ongoing prayer, and a huge dose of grace — was this recent purchase of art supplies to pursue yet another “creative dream.” (See some day above.)

More on that soon!

There’s still FOOD — yay, food! — even though I haven’t pulled out the ol’ Nikon as often as I once did. I make it a point to treat myself to something tasty every single day. (Once in awhile I’m even compelled to share a glimpse.)


Pan-seared Walleye & Caramelized Onions atop Spring mix salad lightly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, Tuscan veggies, Quince preserves, & Moroccan olives

Enjoying moving forward ergonomically, artistically, musically, and TASTEFULLY!

~ Kim

In My Kitchen ~ April 2015


In My Kitchen there’s actually a kitchen — at long last!

The Stove is nestled into its permanent place, ingredients and utensils are within reach (although I’m still rearranging those, lol!) and daily life is beginning to feel more like “me.”

Thank you… xo.

The Fridge

The Fridge

In My Kitchen The Fridge stands guard looking rather like Darth Vader — but I love it!

I’ve never had so much fridge/freezer storage in my entire life and I’m mindful of using it to its best advantage… preferably sharing food with others. Again, I can’t thank you enough!

(FYI, I plan to paint the kitchen walls an elegant light gray — right now they look kind of “busy” with the flooring, but — one ‘to do’ at a time.)


In My Kitchen is a Back To The Basics set of dishes with no frills attached, except for various pattern derivations that caught my eye beyond the original set. (Thrift store bargains… you know me! ;)

Sometimes starting with a clean slate — or plate — is the best way to go until you decide otherwise. Simplicity, anyone?

Speaking of which, here’s our makeshift “deck” for now — a 2 x 4 ‘landing’ constructed by TMOFW — but we’re grateful to be in the same spot. (Disregard the charred front yard debris… workin’ on it!)

Our Temporary Deck -- same lake, different view!

Our Temporary Deck — same lake, different view!

In My Kitchen are about a hundred other blessings so I’m just going to post a “collage” to keep this short. We still have LOTS of work to do outside and in!

Necessarily so, I’ll be keeping my online activities at a minimum until the end of April (thanks for bearing with me), but please know that I LOVE reading your IMK posts, and thank you profusely for reading and commenting on mine. xo

Here’s a peek at what’s been transpiring…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In My Kitchen it’s been cozy, crazy, and busy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. No matter how “life” presents itself make it your own… it’s the only one you’ve got!

This month’s IMK post is dedicated to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who hostesses IMK graciously from “Down Under” — as well as each and every one of you who have unquestionably demonstrated what Welcome Home truly means.

Enjoying life every day and every day life,

~ Kim

P.S. Please stop by Celia’s blog to poke around kitchens the world over (great fun!) and also to wish her a Happy Half Century. ;)

Back to the Basics

Every once in awhile it’s good to get back to the basics.  Regroup.

Do over.

For me, it involved a session of no-noise-whatsoever, my favorite pen, a clipboard full of college-ruled paper, and some uninterrupted time to figure out where I’m going in life (or where it’s leading.)

Accompanied, of course, by a little lunch…

During this first week of “being  home,” I’ve tested my physical limits — mowing the hilly parts of our lawn with a push mower, clearing brush, hauling wood, climbing up and down the bluff, and generally just moving.  (For some reason, I needed to reconnect with my outer environment before tackling the inner one.)

Physical labor clears my mind.  Hoohah!

Then, when all was said and done, it was time to ponder.

And savor.

If there’s one thing I’ve figured out, my neurons fire in sequence in the presence of a simple meal.

(Maybe that’s the idea behind “food for thought?”)

Nothing fancy, just primal food…

Basic food.

Croutons sprinkled with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, soaking up balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Basil from my herb garden.

Almonds and olives.

Accompanied, of course, by a glass of Cabernet…

Not only did it appease my hunger, it fed my soul.

In evaluating my life (or at least this installment of it), I’ve concluded I don’t function very well when my soul is hungry.

I suspect you don’t either.

A few other realizations came to mind…  Music needs to be a bigger part of the picture.  Cooking  (surprisingly) isn’t my highest priority in the coming weeks, but I do need to eat and my camera is close by. :)  Writing is first and foremost.

And, basically…

Joy was meant to be shared.

Pull up a chair and tell me what feeds you.

Enjoying a full soul,

~ Kim




Cartoon Food

Sometimes ideas — and food photos — don’t make it past the drawing board.  But instead of relegating them to the scrap heap, have fun with them!  Take “Okie Caviar,” for instance.  While I wish it were Beluga and a glass of imported champagne, alas…  What you see are capers and Shiner Bock (imported from Texas!) — sort of a redneck substitute (I admit), but salty and sublime.  And the photo was begging to be seen.  (Love that “cartoon” feature on the photo editor…)

There’s something mainstream and American about this coleslaw photo that appealed to me, especially in “cartoon” mode.  Blame it on my diner days — and quite possibly Alton Brown.  A Patty Melt with a side of slaw gets my vote every time.  (By the way, if you haven’t read Alton’s cookbook/travelogue, “Feasting On Asphalt,” I highly recommend it.)  (His photos are better, too.)  But we have food — and fun — in common!

Then there’s my attempt at color-enhanced cartoons, such as these festive quesadillas — don’t say I didn’t warn your eyeballs!  But, I liked the effect.   Hope you do, too!

Bread pudding with Bourbon Sauce, Take Two Hundred and Fifty Six…  I was having trouble with the sauce oozing that day before I could photograph “the perfect drizzle”… plus, it was neon yellow.  Oh well.  Just had to show you the new plate. :)

The next photo/cartoon requires a brief explanation.  We live on a lake.  We love to fish.  My sister knows this.  Quite frequently she bestows “fish” gifts upon us that delight our hearts.  Fish books.  Fish measuring spoons.  Fish cookie cutters.  We love them!  As a result, I tried to cram as many of them into one picture as I could, but you know the old adage… less is more.  Still, there’s something about this photo that says “lake lovers” all over it.  Welcome to my blog. :)  (By the way, my Savory Cheddar Crackers recipe is posted on Tasty Kitchen if you’re so inclined.)

In a final attempt at “food art,”  the following photo employs “text” within the photo.  I think the caption says it all.  Food is about enjoyment, whether it’s photogenic or not (as long as it tastes good!) and to me, it’s a blessing to prepare meals for the people I love.  How about you?

Enjoying life in cartoon mode,


Do Over

One of my favorite lines is from the movie “City Slickers,” when Billy Crystal quips: “Do over.”

While it pertained to a dude ranch vacation gone wrong, that two-word nugget of philosophy has proved invaluable to me.  Much of my life has been a do over.  (Much of this blog has been a do over!)

Instead of beating myself up over it, I just shake my head at the absurdity, have a good laugh, and do over.

When I first decided to share my thoughts with the world, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Should I blog about my penchant for cooking?  My love of nature?  Tales from the truck-driver years?  (Which I haven’t even touched on yet.)  Music?  (Ditto.)

So many possibilities, so little time…

Blogging has been a much needed catharsis at the day’s end — or 2:00 a.m. — or precious weekend time such as this.  Having a creative outlet helps strike a balance between the must-do’s and want-to’s in my life.

But, during the process — brief as it’s been — I lost my voice.  What are you about, okielicious, aka Kimby, aka Kim?  What is it you’re trying to say?

In a nutshell: “Do over.”

Starting from scratch requires optimism, anticipation, a sense of wonder, and a leap of faith.  Which takes hope.  And humor.  And a fresh cup of coffee…

Hello, world.  I’m back!

Enjoying “do overs,”

~ Kim