Oppressive? On the contrary…

“O the times!  O the mores!”

(from Cicero’s oration in Catilinam)

One last observation I made before being forced from our home during the recent air conditioning malfunction was 01 on our thermostat.  “Ought 1.”  (Or “aught,”  if you insist on it.)  One-oh-one.  One hundred and one.  Obviously, we have a two-digit read out; similar to an odometer turning over, it simply showed “one”  (plus one hundred degrees) and I was too hot to object, or do more than photograph the onus for proof and posterity.

(By the way, that was indoors, not out.)  Ouch…

At one point, I was feeling considerably ornery and obtuse, but it occurred to me that I could overdo it and shuffle off this mortal coil if I loitered any longer.  Oh, no!  Perish the thought!  Oklahoma lover or not, I wasn’t going to risk mortality to prove I’m stubborn.  Time to proceed to cooler climes, post haste.

Speaking of which… other folks have opined on this topic (much more notably and eloquently than moi.)  In no particular order:

“We may achieve climate, but weather is thrust upon us.” ~ O. Henry

“Climate is theory.  Weather is a condition.” ~ Oliver Herford (who, not so coincidentally, signed his name O. Herford now and then.)

I love quotes.

My point in overstating the obvious (or perhaps it’s still oblivious..?) is that O packs a powerful punch in the chops (or thermostat) — enough to convince a body not to risk obliteration with continued folderol, as well as playing a (major) supportive role in most of the words in this post.


Got it?

One of the things I adore about words is their extraordinary ability to convey two or more ideas in one forum.  (Love it!)  Allow me to proceed…  Oftentimes, we take our surroundings for granted.  (I’m talking about home, sweet home.)  My beloved and I only experienced a temporary blip — a minor inconvenience.  There are others much worse off.

Once I cooled my heels in our comfortable accommodations later on, my thoughts turned to those who’d recently lost their homes in the wildfires… or folks relocated by Hurricane Katrina… or the millions of people affected by tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters of epic proportions… or the displaced and/or disenfranchised souls whose permanent address is “homeless.”

They’re survivors.  I’m just a tourist in comparison.

Not to say that I wasn’t overwhelmed with gratitude when our obstacle turned out to be a one-day outing and our lives (and thermostat) returned to “normal” shortly thereafter.  Omen or opportunity?  I took it as a sign to express my opinion, even in the context of humor… to open my heart in an effort to touch yours.

However humble your home may be, you can offer something to someone less fortunate, be it a prayer or a drink of water or a dollar or simply greater compassion toward those “without.”  Collective caring may not change the world, but it just might change your world.

I’m hoping it will.

One final note:  Please don’t allow your ego to stop at “Oh.”  All it takes is one quick look around to notice somebody who needs you… and I implore you to DO something about it.  Thank you for having the courage to step outside of your comfort zone boundaries.

Okay, I’m done now.

Enjoying familiar surroundings following an eye-opening epiphany,

~ Kim

P.S.  Ordinarily, I don’t post twice in one day, but I’m confident you’ll rise to the occasion. :)  xO!