Water, Water Everywhere, and Not A Drop To Drink

I took these photos during the Oklahoma drought of 2010.

It’s happening again.

With temperatures climbing to near 100° F, I’ve watched the lake get lower (and lower) by the day.  It’s scary.

(I’m not an activist, nor a fanatic, but it concerns me.)

Last year, one of my friends published a post that I can’t get out of my mind.  (http://www.wasslaweekly.com/2011/10/one-drop-of-water/#respond)

I hope you’ll read Nasrine’s excellent suggestions.  (And watch the video… a mere 15 minutes of your future.)

Causes come and causes go, but this one’s personal.

Each one of us is responsible for the water we consume — or waste.

I’m especially conscious of it as a food blogger… water to wash, boil, simmer, do dishes.  Drink.

All it takes is one person — ONE drop — to make a difference.

What will you do to make an impact on the world’s water supply?

Your water supply?

Please choose to make a difference.

Enjoying a glass of water,

~ Kim




‘Tis The Season…

Around this time every year, a delightful transformation takes place within our home.

Welcome to our home...

Little touches of red and green begin to deck the halls…

A little red...

A little green...


… and sentimental favorites start to appear.

The tree from my Mom...

The tree from my Mom-in-law...

And my little tree (which stays up year-round, except for the lights and ornaments!)

Our “fish” even join in the merriment — we live on a lake, after all…

'Tis true... :)

And every year without fail, I simply must set these out… but before I do, I’d like to invite you to a party!  My friend, Christy at Critty Joy, is asking you to share your holiday traditions at her Christmas Party Fridays link-up.  (Sorry for the late notice, but this was the first chance I had to write this week.)

My favorite tradition?  Besides shutting off every light in the house for an entire evening while I listen to the beautiful music of the season by candlelight (with a mug of mulled cider or a glass of wine), my favorite holiday tradition is getting out the “Christmas deer.”

When my children were little, no matter where I set this darling pair (or how far apart), they’d mysteriously end up nose-to-nose.   It seems my kids liked to see them “kissing.” :)


 So, break out the Nutcracker…


Bring on the bling…

Bling, bling...

And tie a big, red bow on it!

All wrapped up...

But wait.  Have I forgotten something…?

Cause to celebrate!

This is why we celebrate Christmas and it’s delightful holiday traditions in our home.  Looking forward to hearing about yours!

Merry Christmas, with love and joy,

~ Kim

Oklahoma Rocks

Oklahoma rocks.

But oh, how she rolls.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Prepares for the worst.  Hopes for the best.

Has faith in the forecast but trusts the sky.

Digs in.  Digs out.

Shakes off the dust and stares at what once was…

Then looks down the street and lends a hand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oklahoma has faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Written in tribute to those whose lives were changed by the tornadoes of 2011…


Yard Crashers, Okie Style

When we moved here two summers ago, we were thrilled with the deck and our view of the lake.  But, the back yard needed a little work…

Perched on the side of a steep hill, there was no middle ground — it was Death Valley, or a river ran through it every time it rained.

A “Rock Garden” was one solution.  With a little blood, sweat and tears (and a lot of rock moving), phase one of Yard Crashers was completed.

Three hanging baskets and one fire pit later, things started looking downright cozy.  (From this angle, the fire pit looks a tad lopsided — it’s built in front of a rock that wouldn’t budge!)

It really isn’t lopsided.  (I don’t claim to be a stone mason, but I can draw a circle.)

The end result was lush and green (not counting Okie dirt, which has a mind of its own) and the overall effect was inviting.

So inviting, in fact, we had another yard crasher!

Mrs. Cardinal set up housekeeping in one of my hanging baskets!  Using grass and twigs and even a gum wrapper, she launched into her own DIY project.

Within days, the gum wrapper was gone and a scrap of paper replaced the leaf.  (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all.)  What a delight to watch her vision of  “home” come to fruition one change at a time, like mine.  It’s not easy to tame the wilderness.

Being careful not to disturb her, I waited until Mrs. Cardinal went “shopping” again and held up the camera.  What would today’s remodeling yield?

Surprise… Easter eggs! :)  It’s a blessing to discover “new life” in progress, but especially so this weekend.

Celebrating the true meaning of Easter,


A Tribute To Trees

Allow me to introduce you to our trees…

This Twin Tree shades our deck, provides a home for our songbirds, and reminds me of the way that The Man Of Few Words and I live — side by side, independently together, separate-but-one.  There’s a lot of love in that tree.

The Gnarled Roots Tree clings to the corner of our yard — a contrast in vulnerability and strength.  Exposing your roots takes courage.  There’s a lot of trust in that tree.

Near the bluff is the Enduring Tree.  Branded by the elements from a lifetime of living on the edge, it bares its soul and proclaims, “I’m still here.”  It also has the best view on the lake.  There’s a lot of me in that tree.

Then there’s our Driftwood Tree.  (On this particular day, it hosted a standoff between “Old Boy” and the buzzards.)  Once a stalwart sentinel on dry ground, it now stands in 30 feet of water, thanks to the Lake Eufaula Dam and “progress.”  But it still stands.  There’s a lot of faith in that tree.

On the way back to our house, I admire the Bent Tree.  It looks like it leaned into life and refused to give up.  There’s a lesson in that, and a lot of hope in that tree.

I mustn’t forget the Lightning Tree.  Struck down in its prime before we moved here, it’s a marvelous contrast to the shoreline and the occasional incredible cloud.  In spite of it’s shattered visage, there’s a lot of beauty left in that tree.

Finally, there’s the Sunset Tree…  trees, actually.

They’re natural-born story tellers and they graciously invite you to share your own…

I hope you do.

Enjoying trees and thanking the Creator for their beauty,