Cartoon Food

Sometimes ideas — and food photos — don’t make it past the drawing board.  But instead of relegating them to the scrap heap, have fun with them!  Take “Okie Caviar,” for instance.  While I wish it were Beluga and a glass of imported champagne, alas…  What you see are capers and Shiner Bock (imported from Texas!) — sort of a redneck substitute (I admit), but salty and sublime.  And the photo was begging to be seen.  (Love that “cartoon” feature on the photo editor…)

There’s something mainstream and American about this coleslaw photo that appealed to me, especially in “cartoon” mode.  Blame it on my diner days — and quite possibly Alton Brown.  A Patty Melt with a side of slaw gets my vote every time.  (By the way, if you haven’t read Alton’s cookbook/travelogue, “Feasting On Asphalt,” I highly recommend it.)  (His photos are better, too.)  But we have food — and fun — in common!

Then there’s my attempt at color-enhanced cartoons, such as these festive quesadillas — don’t say I didn’t warn your eyeballs!  But, I liked the effect.   Hope you do, too!

Bread pudding with Bourbon Sauce, Take Two Hundred and Fifty Six…  I was having trouble with the sauce oozing that day before I could photograph “the perfect drizzle”… plus, it was neon yellow.  Oh well.  Just had to show you the new plate. :)

The next photo/cartoon requires a brief explanation.  We live on a lake.  We love to fish.  My sister knows this.  Quite frequently she bestows “fish” gifts upon us that delight our hearts.  Fish books.  Fish measuring spoons.  Fish cookie cutters.  We love them!  As a result, I tried to cram as many of them into one picture as I could, but you know the old adage… less is more.  Still, there’s something about this photo that says “lake lovers” all over it.  Welcome to my blog. :)  (By the way, my Savory Cheddar Crackers recipe is posted on Tasty Kitchen if you’re so inclined.)

In a final attempt at “food art,”  the following photo employs “text” within the photo.  I think the caption says it all.  Food is about enjoyment, whether it’s photogenic or not (as long as it tastes good!) and to me, it’s a blessing to prepare meals for the people I love.  How about you?

Enjoying life in cartoon mode,


Comfort Food

What is it about comfort food? Everyone has one — except me. I’d be hard pressed to name one particular “go to” dish that evokes feelings of security, happy memories and world peace.

“Why is that?” I wondered to myself.

Searching through the “food memorabilia” section in the back of my mind, I caught fleeting glimpses of Mom’s macaroni & cheese, Grandma S’s oatmeal with brown sugar and half & half, Grandma M’s kolaches, my sister’s lemon bars, my son’s scalloped potatoes and my daughter’s Pina Colada pork chops. I also remembered every good meal I’ve ever eaten.

“Aha!” I thought to myself again. It’s not a matter of lacking a particular comfort food — it’s a matter of narrowing down the buffet! My brain is a recipe box, it seems…

My collection has expanded exponentially thanks to foodie friends and online recipes. Their marvelous dishes, enticing photography and whimsical, touching stories take me into the heart of their homes — their kitchens — and in turn, I’ve been blessed to prepare some very comforting food for my own family. (And me.)

There are no sweeter words than those of someone you love declaring: “That was really good, honey.” Okay, there are probably a few sweeter words about a lot of things, but for someone who admittedly has a four-word limit on conversational banter, my beloved’s compliments are manna from heaven. I added the “honey” — wishful thinking… :)

In these photos of my results (taken back in the “early days”), I hope to enhance your life with a visual prompt and tempt you to do what I did:  Pick one and have FUN! Food blogs are meant for more than just reading; good ideas –and good times — are just a click away. May you never again ask, “What shall I make for dinner?”

Whether you feel like sinking your teeth into a savory main dish, chopping vegetables for a pay-attention-stir-fry, consoling yourself with a good ol’ fashioned casserole, poking holes into a focaccia that’s as fun to make as it is to eat, or investing time in a labor-intensive batch of chocolate chip cookies chock full o’ bacon (yes, bacon!), you might surprise yourself and discover a new comfort food.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Enjoying sharing the comfort one plate at a time,

~ Kim