In My Kitchen ~ January 2014

There’s something about the first week of a new year that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the contrast between last month’s pace, this month’s peace, and the prospect of a fresh start? Or quite possibly, it may have to do with new kitchen toys and goodies…

Ramekins & Salt

In my kitchen are a pair of snowflake ramekins and a jar of Jurassic Salt. The ramekins were a gift from my Sis (xo!) and the salt was a gift to myself. Since Minnesota and the Himalayas are rather snowy places, I thought it would be befitting to photograph these on my favorite wool sweater. Oklahoma has been colder than usual, too.

Hazelnut Flour

In my kitchen is hazelnut flour. I purchased it with the sole intent of baking a cake, but between unexpected guests and cooking for the masses, the closest I got was throwing together some mini hazelnut tarts filled with chocolate ganache. (Sorry, no photo; they were gone in a flash.) I will have my cake and eat it, too — in March. Every year I’m on the lookout for “the” birthday cake and Hotly Spiced’s Gluten Free Chocolate Hazelnut Cake is “it.” (Thanks, Charlie!)

GF Flour

In my kitchen is a growing assortment of gluten free products. The verdict is still out whether or not gluten will be my lifelong nemesis, but the variety of options is a delight for someone who loves to experiment with ingredients. So far I’ve made popovers, pizza, and focaccia and they’ve fulfilled my bread-lovin’ heart… and stomach.

AirBake cookie sheets

In my kitchen is a set of AirBake cookie sheets. (Again, courtesy of my Sis, xo!) I’m in baking heaven and apparently the cookie sheets are, too — they look like they’re floating on air in this photo! I’m confident they’ll live up to their name.

What’s in your kitchen? If you’d like to join in, please contact Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who graciously hosts this world-wide round up every month. Or, take a look at the links in her sidebar — guaranteed to warm your heart.

Happy New Year!

Enjoying new kitchen toys and goodies,

~ Kim