In My Kitchen ~ May 2015

SHB enameled copper keepsake

In My Kitchen is the most intriguing yard sale “find” I’ve ever run across… a small enameled copper trinket box with the initials “SHB” on the lid. (Displayed here on a beautiful handmade doily — one of many sent to me by the lovely Australian blogger, Maree from Around The Mulberry Tree — thank you, xo!)

When I got home, I Googled “SHB” and the only thing that came up was Sydney Harbor Bridge. Could it actually be from Australia? (And wouldn’t THAT be a cool coincidence?!) Plus it was only 25 cents… a steal for such fine craftsmanship.

If anybody has a clue as to its origins, I’d love to hear about it.

Italian Wedding Soup ala Kimby

In My Kitchen is (was) a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup — with a solitary substantial noodle meandering through it. :)

Actually, this was a “combo” creation… I used Chef Dennis Littley’s recipe, a lil’ o’ my homemade vegetable stock, and some tomato & cracked black pepper Pappardelle pasta sent to me by Ally Phillips. (She sent the background tea towel, too.) I just LOVE going to my mailbox!

If you’re interested in seeing these two FUN foodie personalities interact (along with Dennis’ cordial co-host, Susan Serra), please tune into the next G+ episode of Around The Kitchen Table on May 6th. (Good times — and good food!)


In My Kitchen is an absolutely gorgeous bouquet from The Man Of Few Words — hand picked and presented with a boyish smile. xo

That’s what life is all about. (In My Kitchen or otherwise!)

For more kitchen goodies from around the world, treat yourself to a visit to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. Monthly posts are listed in Celia’s sidebar and I guarantee you’ll love ’em!

Enjoying “normal” life at last,

~ Kim