Musical Chairs

Lyrical Chairs

You don’t get to be my age and cultivate a sense of contentment by hanging onto things, but every once in awhile I miss my chairs.

They were a part of my life. Part of me.

I even dressed them up on occasion. ;)

Deck the halls... and chairs

Then along came my friend Marla for an impromptu “Girls Day” gathering at my house — with a surprise in tow.

Marla is a piano player. A dear friend. Someone who “gets” me.

Lookie what she brought!

The Chair

A friend of hers was clearing out some things when Marla spied “The Chair” and asked what she was going to do with it. In a moment of generosity, this cast off went from “throw-away” to “give-away.” I’ve been doubly blessed by generous hearts.

Despite the fact that it has no seat (that’s on The Man Of Few Words’ honey-do list) this gem is rife with possibilities. What color fabric? What kind of cushion? As I search for the “right” ones in the coming months, not only will I be merging past with present, I’ll be forging ahead. What an extraordinary gift… the sense of “connection” and promise.

Truly, I’m not defined by “stuff,” but I do recognize the value in treasures… and this chair is definitely one of them. So is my friend. xo

Enjoying an unexpected piece of my past,

~ Kim

Rhapsody in Blue VI


I used to be the world’s worst — or most flagrant — impulse-buyer. Whenever I ‘saw’ something that appealed to my eyeballs (whether I needed it or not), into my cart it went. Sigh… live and learn.

A few decades (and several budgetary revelations) later, I recognized the error of my ways and eventually figured out that happiness wasn’t the result of the latest greatest gadget, handy-dandy doodad, or “shiny, sparkly, pretty, ooh ahhh” frill or froufrou — it’s the accumulation of meaningful moments… a compendium of conscious choices… and often, a mirror of what’s going on within.

The void isn’t filled with ‘stuff.’

There were times when my self-esteem was sooooo lacking I almost cried thinking about it — but I didn’t. Know why? Because what matters most is now. In the past, shopping and fill in the blank here ___________ were temporary fixes, and on those occasions when I took myself (and less reliable second parties) waaaaaay too seriously in an attempt to make up for my supposed lack — well, I was taking unsolicited advice to heart — and second-guessing myself.

When it comes down to what (and who) you ‘believe,’ please put yourself first in line! Take the Truth into consideration — you’ll know in your heart-of-hearts what it is — and don’t let anyone dissuade you or convince you otherwise!

Old Boy close up

A few mornings ago I was sitting on the deck when I happened to glance to my left. (FYI, I don’t think it was a coincidence.) There, perched on a tree at the edge of the bluff, was my lake buddy, Old Boy. He wasn’t doing anything special or spectacular, other than hanging out — like me. In that moment of soul-searing self-awareness, I realized that I was smiling. Broadly.

There wasn’t a single ‘worldly good’ in front of me, except for my new coffee mug (above) purchased for a buck off the clearance rack at the Dollar Store. (I still allow myself such frivolities occasionally, albeit within my budget.) It dawned on me for the thirteen-millionth time or so in the last five decades that this is what it’s all about — small graces and huge blessings!

Your worth is not equivalent to the contents of your shopping cart!

If I ‘valued’ myself by the size of my purchases these days, I’d be pretty small indeed. How easy it is to succumb to the more/bigger/better mindset (been there, done that)… prompted by heavily marketed ‘wants’ and anxiety-producing illusory ‘needs.’ Stop!

The next time you’re tempted to add ‘one more thing’ to your shopping cart (or life) — especially a ‘not-on-your-list’ item — take a moment to interrupt your reverie and ask yourself: “Does this add value to my life — or am I trying to create artificial value? Reality check — how much do you value yourself… truthfully?

If there’s any doubt as to the answer to that last question, proceed with haste to the nearest full-length mirror (forget about your place in line!) and take a good long look… then smile at your reflection. You’re worth soooooo much more than an ‘impulse buy.’ Get what you need — give yourself what you need on occasion (without guilt) — and get rid of the rest!

As if to affirm my present state of ‘older & wiser’ contentedness, Old Boy turned toward me with this ‘look’ and I couldn’t help but laugh!

Old Boy 5

See yourself through the eyes of a true friend.

Folks (and Great Blue Herons) who appreciate you — who value you, quirks and all, with their honest insights are worth more than shopping-carts-full of temporary fixes. Allow yourself those rare moments of grace and good humor — believe those sincere, supportive, heartfelt estimations of your worth (can we say discernment with a capital D?!), shore up your own ‘self-worth’ to match asap if need be, and, most of all, be as kind to yourself as you are to everybody else!

Our human frailties, the uniqueness of our weaknesses and how ‘fickle’ we tend to be (depending on the latest input and what we choose to ‘think’) — as well as what we think of ourselves — are entirely a matter of perspective.

Sometimes all it takes is a friend looking you straight in the eye to see the Truth.

Believe it!

It’s amazing to me (and a lil’ bit disconcerting) how quickly we complicate the simple things — the important things! — and how prone we are to believe the worst — especially of ourselves. Please take a non-critical look in another direction — if need be, through the eyes of a true friend — then decide to be your own best friend!

Enjoying unabashed honesty from trusted friends (including myself) after all these years,

~ Kim

© 2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch

Friendship Renewed (Rhapsody In Blue IV)

Hi, friends. It’s been awhile since Old Boy (or you and I) spent time together.

Friendships are like that, advancing or receding like waves on the shore.

Thankfully, good friends understand that good friendships withstand the undulation.

When I heard Old Boy’s familiar aaawwwkkk sounding low across the water, I grabbed my camera and headed for the bluff.

He settled onto a branch and I settled onto a boulder.

We eyed each other tentatively.

Then, as good friends do, we picked up where we left off…

Comfortable in each other’s presence…

Happy to be ourselves.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” ~ Aristotle

Friendship renewed is a sweet thing indeed.

Enjoying the prospect of reconnecting with you in the coming weeks,

~ Kim




My “State Of The Blog” address

Most of the time, my life appears downright delightful — even shiny at times.

Then I take a step back and a bigger picture emerges (or sneaks up on me), full of light and shadow…

And lurking in the corner of that chair is the ever-present desire in my heart.

(Allow me to zoom in, if you will.)

Beneath this still-life glimpse of my life (which is anything but still) is the undercurrent of my life.  Hence, my “State Of The Blog” address.  Harrumph, ahem.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, ladies and gentlemen — wherever life may find you at the present moment.

This month, I celebrated a blogiversary (hoohah, one whole year!), as well as a birthday — no significant “milestones,” although at my age I consider being alive as significant and a milestone :) — plus, I came to a realization.  I celebrate realizations, too!

I’ve never been happier in my whole entire, shiny, shadowy life than this past year.  Yippee!

Between working, tending to the home fires (and The Man Of Few Words), playing piano for church and choir, cavorting with my musical buddies, taking a class, cooking, eating, blogging, photography, sleeping, yada yada, you know the routine — (and for those of you who accomplish such feats with young family members in tow, I express extreme admiration) — I finally feel like I’m doing “what I’m supposed to be doing with my time on this planet” — and I couldn’t be more delighted!

The trick, however, is fitting it all in.

Some days I feel a bit spread thin.  Which is why I only blog about once a week. :)

I’m also writing a novel.

There, I’ve said it — out loud and in public.

In the ol’ there are only so many hours in a day game, I’ve been filling my time with words.  Lots of them.  And I’m loving it!  But, I’ve also come to realize I’m human.  (Another realization to celebrate, especially since it took me over half a century to figure it out… never mind.)

In the coming months, I’ll be devoting the majority of my “free time” (insert maniacal laughter here) to my literary pursuits.  Ahem, pursuit.  Writing.

But never fear — a little lunch will still be here!

If there’s one place I enjoy frequenting as often as the lake, it’s “blog world.”  This community links me to you — your thoughts/ideas/recipes/adventures/lives — and I simply cannot do without you.

Yes, I will be spending untold hours on “writing”…

But YOU will always be a part of the picture.

Thank you.

This concludes my State of the Blog address. :)

Enjoying bright and beautiful friendships,

~ Kimby