Last Of The Magnolias (Flowergram III)

Oh, she was magnificent.

There were only a few of her kind left, in the unlikely event that you could group her into a category.

Most days, she was singular.  Spectacular.  Or at least she used to be.  But, as the full sunlight and the mirror in front of her illuminated the truth about her fading beauty, she stared.

“Who is this woman?” she wondered.

Gone was the glow of her once-radiant skin — skin that used to outshine the string of heirloom pearls that graced her neck and the teardrop ear-bobs dangling from once-creamy lobes with their subtle luminescence.

The wrinkles startled her.

They were familiar, but today they seemed foreign.  She tugged at the neckline of her dress.

“Chin up,” she reminded herself and involuntarily straightened.  (Mindless adages such as this had once been a daily mantra in the days gone by, when posture and perkiness went hand in hand.)  She didn’t even have to think about it back then…

“I was beautiful once, wasn’t I?” she asked of no one in particular.

The sun was unmerciful in it’s reply.

She knew full well that she could never return to the glory days… days of handsome young men vying for her attention… and nights of even more attention.

Still, she smiled.

“Ah, youth…” she mused out loud, again to no one in particular. “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

The End.

(This little bit of fiction was brought to you by someone who has finally grown comfortable in their skin, wrinkles and all.  It’s a nice place to be.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are some of the flowers that brightened my world recently.  Enjoy!

Courtesy of Russ’s sister’s flower garden.  (Whatever they’re called.)

Here’s another one… I do know they’re irises.

Beautiful, brilliant lilies.

Another shot for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t have a clue what these are, but they hold such promise.  As do we all.

Untangle that joy!

(In yourself… and in your beauty!)

Finally… one last look at the blossom that inspired this post.

They may be done for the season, but I’m not.

Embracing beauty at every age,

(I hope you do, too!)

~ Kim

A Happy Little Post

Hi!  Just wanted to extend an invitation to a Blog Hop over at basilmomma’s this week.  (Didn’t have a clue what it was, but it sounded fun!)

What I discovered was a spirit of camaraderie and easy access to over 50 blogs!  (No need to spend precious time searching — summer’s short enough.)

Please join me at basilmomma‘s where you’ll find a colorful variety of blogs to pick from!

Enjoying life one blossom (and blog) at a time,

~ Kim

P.S.  Please leave a comment — I’d love to meet you!

Flowergram II

I couldn’t let another weekend pass without sharing some of the flowers in our neighborhood…

My favorite Okie wildflower perked up its head recently and said, “Pick me!  Pick me!” (not as in:  pick me and take me inside and plunk me in a vase.)  No, that little beauty is too free-spirited to sequester indoors.  (But it did graciously pose for a photo.)

As I wandered closer, a bevy of beauties peeked through the grass.  They looked like young girls at a school dance, shyly begging to be noticed, self-consciously hoping…

I assured them that they were lovely and thanked them for gracing our back yard.  (The hillside is covered with them now!)  There are benefits to “group therapy” for young flowers… and young girls.

In the front yard, our irises bloomed with wild abandon.

I said wild abandon…

This is the land that I’ve come to know and love.  There’ll be time for yard work (later…), but for now, I’m content to marvel at the beauty of untamed Spring.

Around the bend and up the hill, our neighbor’s cactus was in bloom.  Allow me to zoom in on the object of my affection before the full sunlight blinds you…

Doesn’t God’s handiwork leave you in awe?  The fact that blessings like these are within walking distance of our house makes me feel especially grateful.

And then there’s the magnificent magnolia tree next to my office…

There’s a story waiting to be told in that tree.  But for now, I’ll leave you with a picture and a promise to tell it soon.

Happy Flowergram!

Enjoying life one blossom at a time,

~ Kim

Yard Crashers, Okie Style

When we moved here two summers ago, we were thrilled with the deck and our view of the lake.  But, the back yard needed a little work…

Perched on the side of a steep hill, there was no middle ground — it was Death Valley, or a river ran through it every time it rained.

A “Rock Garden” was one solution.  With a little blood, sweat and tears (and a lot of rock moving), phase one of Yard Crashers was completed.

Three hanging baskets and one fire pit later, things started looking downright cozy.  (From this angle, the fire pit looks a tad lopsided — it’s built in front of a rock that wouldn’t budge!)

It really isn’t lopsided.  (I don’t claim to be a stone mason, but I can draw a circle.)

The end result was lush and green (not counting Okie dirt, which has a mind of its own) and the overall effect was inviting.

So inviting, in fact, we had another yard crasher!

Mrs. Cardinal set up housekeeping in one of my hanging baskets!  Using grass and twigs and even a gum wrapper, she launched into her own DIY project.

Within days, the gum wrapper was gone and a scrap of paper replaced the leaf.  (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all.)  What a delight to watch her vision of  “home” come to fruition one change at a time, like mine.  It’s not easy to tame the wilderness.

Being careful not to disturb her, I waited until Mrs. Cardinal went “shopping” again and held up the camera.  What would today’s remodeling yield?

Surprise… Easter eggs! :)  It’s a blessing to discover “new life” in progress, but especially so this weekend.

Celebrating the true meaning of Easter,


A Tribute To Trees

Allow me to introduce you to our trees…

This Twin Tree shades our deck, provides a home for our songbirds, and reminds me of the way that The Man Of Few Words and I live — side by side, independently together, separate-but-one.  There’s a lot of love in that tree.

The Gnarled Roots Tree clings to the corner of our yard — a contrast in vulnerability and strength.  Exposing your roots takes courage.  There’s a lot of trust in that tree.

Near the bluff is the Enduring Tree.  Branded by the elements from a lifetime of living on the edge, it bares its soul and proclaims, “I’m still here.”  It also has the best view on the lake.  There’s a lot of me in that tree.

Then there’s our Driftwood Tree.  (On this particular day, it hosted a standoff between “Old Boy” and the buzzards.)  Once a stalwart sentinel on dry ground, it now stands in 30 feet of water, thanks to the Lake Eufaula Dam and “progress.”  But it still stands.  There’s a lot of faith in that tree.

On the way back to our house, I admire the Bent Tree.  It looks like it leaned into life and refused to give up.  There’s a lesson in that, and a lot of hope in that tree.

I mustn’t forget the Lightning Tree.  Struck down in its prime before we moved here, it’s a marvelous contrast to the shoreline and the occasional incredible cloud.  In spite of it’s shattered visage, there’s a lot of beauty left in that tree.

Finally, there’s the Sunset Tree…  trees, actually.

They’re natural-born story tellers and they graciously invite you to share your own…

I hope you do.

Enjoying trees and thanking the Creator for their beauty,