Jam Session Parfait (My Guest Post with Chef Dennis)

Happy Friday, everybody!  Actually, it is a happy Friday… Chef Dennis invited me to do a guest post!  Words like honored, thrilled, and humbled come to mind…

Who is Chef Dennis, you may ask?  If you haven’t met this gentleman whose advice is well-respected and whose recipes are very much anticipated, please click here.  Chef Dennis has a “pull up a chair and let’s visit” personality and it’s a delight spending time with him!

Then head over to my guest post on A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennisfeaturing Jam Session Parfait… plus a few adventures. ;)

(Kindly leave a “howdy do” in the comment section to let him know you’re visiting from a little lunch.  Thanks!)

Your thoughts represent freedom of expression and I treasure that — and you — greatly.  Have a safe and memorable 4th of July!

Enjoying kindness and freedom,

~ Kim