Bliss Lists

Sunset Bliss

By definition, bliss is complete happiness.  Heaven.  Paradise.

Being the realistic soul that I am (with a tad of “dreamer” thrown in for good measure), I know it isn’t possible to be completely happy all of the time — but I like the idea.  Who doesn’t?!  However, I tend to put bliss into perspective.

Am I happy?  Generally.  Blissful?  Now and then.  Although being in my kitchen comes pretty close. :)

When “bliss happens” — those are the times I smile, followed by an immediate counting of my blessings.  A bliss list, of sorts…

Sunsets that look like a spilled paint box, lyrics that touch my heart, freshly laundered sheets, Old Boy perched on the driftwood tree, a bald eagle soaring overhead, making music, a handwritten letter in the mailbox, spending time with loved ones — basically those fragments of time when time seems suspended and my soul is overflowing.

While I don’t keep a list per se, I hold blissful memories close.

Or on a plate…

A recent addition to the list was Cheesy Bacon & Green Chili Bread from Basilmomma.  (Thanks, Heather!)  One bite of this and I was in heaven.  (For the recipe, click here.)

Cheesy Bacon and Green Chili Bread

Cumulative moments of bliss make me “happier” than if I aspired to be deliriously happy all the time.  How about you?

Any bliss lists to share?

Enjoying bites of life,

~ Kimby