Ages and Stages… and a Giveaway (Giveaway is Closed)

Ages & Stages

A magnolia’s gradual unveiling reminds me that

it takes time to birth something beautiful.

Lives, relationships, blogs…

Ages & Stages 1


the beginning is fresh with possibilities.


Ages & stages 2

Ideas unfold one petal at a time,

and when they bloom,

they’re a sight to behold!

Ages & Stages 3

Even so,

time takes its toll and priorities realign.


Ages & Stages 4

A lil’ wear and tear around the edges

is to be expected!

And, I like having something to show for it.

Ages & Stages 6

During the lulls,

ideas still ruminate, germinate,

and offer possibilities of…

Ages & Stages Final

Future growth!

Ages & Stages prime

(Wildly profuse… or teeny tiny.)

No matter what ages and stages I find myself in,

I celebrate growth!

Several months ago, I alluded to a giveaway.  (Sorry it’s taken me so long, but life’s been a lil’ hectic.)  Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning or just jumped in, I’m grateful to you for helping me grow, blog-wise and personally.

In appreciation, I’m giving away a $25.00 (USD) gift certificate, which I can email to anybody anywhere, woohoo!

(One way or another, I’ll get it to you.)

PLEASE NOTE:  The giveaway is officially closed and the winner’s name has been drawn.  (See below)   Thanks to everyone who entered!

To enter, please leave a comment before midnight (CDST) July 7th, 2013 with your thoughts on growth — what it means to you, an example you’re proud of, the stage of life you’re in, etc. — that’s it!  No other hoops to jump through, other than one comment per person.  (Thank you.)

The winner will be randomly drawn by The Man Of Few Words and notified here (and by email) the week of July 8th, 2013.

I appreciate you joining me for a little lunch these past 2+ years!

And the winner is… Christina of “Dessert For Two.”  Congratulations!

Enjoying enduring… and growing,

~ Kimby

P.S.  A few of these photos are from one of my favorite posts.  Feel free to poke around! ;)