Before & After

A global thank you

Before blogging, I lived an interesting life, although somewhat rather local in scope.

After blogging, I found myself having conversations with folks around the globe!

(Have I told you lately how much I appreciate conversing with you?)

Our favorite game

Before The Man Of Few Words, I thought I knew what true love was.

After The Man Of Few Words, I discovered I didn’t.

(He proposed to me via Scrabble board twelve years ago and I still feel like a “bride.”)  Sigh…

Oklahoma sunset

Before Oklahoma, winter consisted of shoveling snow, scraping windshields, and “layering up.”

After Oklahoma, winter consists of watching sunsets or star-gazing on the deck in the dead of December — without a parka!

(I love this State.)

Year Round Christmas Tree :)

Before writing this post, I had a point to make.

After I started writing, I forgot what it was.

Some days (or nights) are like that… Happy Holidays anyway! :)

Enjoying before and after moments,

~ Kim