Another Side of Me


I was working on something for my writing group and this was the most expedient way to get it to them.

Hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride. :)

Welcome to another side of me…



In the Springtime of my Youth,

Life was bright with promise.

Pastel with anticipation.

Rife with possibilities.

Then came Summer and the neon of Now.

Live and love.

Laugh and learn.

(The glare of the moment often outweighed the consequences.)

Enter the muted tones of


Subtle.  Serene.

Softer shades of beautiful.


now that I’m facing the black and white of Eternity,

I have no regrets!

Only light, and music.

But at the present moment…

the softness of sepia

suits me.

.   .   .

Enjoying every breath,

~ Kim

Where are you in the journey?