A Quick Post and a Quick BBQ Sauce

Generally, I put a lot of time and thought into my posts, but our air conditioner quit at 4:00 this morning and the A/C guy isn’t here yet.

(In case you haven’t heard, Oklahoma’s temps have been in the 100’s for the past two months…)

Here’s what our inside temp reads now.

  (P.S.  It’s 10° “warmer” in my writing nook…)

Thankfully, I have a cool place to retreat to as soon as I’m done with this, and thankfully I planned a barbecue for dinner tonight.

Last night I made my Quick BBQ sauce and it was delish brushed over barbecued ham steaks.  (How does one spell BBQ correctly anyway?)

But patience, sweet ones, patience… it really is better the next day.

I also fooled around with my camera just for fun… :)

This is as basic as BBQ Sauce gets!

Quick BBQ Sauce

1/2 c. ketchup (I used Heinz)

3 Tbsp. honey

1/2 Tbsp. yellow mustard

1/2 tsp. liquid smoke

1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp. smoked paprika

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

(Optional add-in’s:  red pepper flakes to taste, a dash of hot sauce, a shot of whiskey)

Combine ingredients in a small saucepan.

Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.

Reduce heat; simmer 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Cool, then store in the refrigerator.

Bring to room temperature before applying to grilled meats.

Brush sauce on during the last minutes of grilling and ENJOY!

Ooof… here’s what our temp was last time I looked, and it went up a degree after I uploaded the picture!

Enjoying the prospect of grilling… but not indoors…. gotta run!

~ Kim




Cutting Board Tacos

1)  Take one insanely hot summer day and your basic taco fixin’s…

(Nothin’ fancy — just the basics — seasoned with this.)

(Allow me to zoom in a bit closer.)

2)  Assemble them on the nearest cutting board.


3)  Add a lil’ sunshine and a fork.


4)  Okay… a LOT of sunshine and a fork.

(There we go!)

5)  Think of winter and laugh.  Bwahahah!

(Apologies to my Southern hemisphere friends…)

Serve with a side of this and pull up a chair.

That’d be it. :)

Enjoying easy weeknight meals,

~ Kimby

What’s your favorite “beat the heat” meal?




Coffee or Chocolate?

It’s no secret that my life revolves around two main ingredients… coffee and chocolate.  It’s also no secret that it’s better to give than to receive!

In celebration of my first blog birthday/anniversary/blogiversary, I’m delighted to give something to you.  (Well, at least two of you!)

But first, a word from our sponsor…

Brought to you by… Steel Daffodils Cottage & Garden.

My friend/shop-owner/barista, Tammy, offered to donate a bag of Oklahoma’s finest java to the cause.  (Thank you, Tammy!)  Perhaps you didn’t know Oklahoma is a purveryor of fine coffees?  Yup.  Custom-roasted right here in the Sooner State.

(Excuse me, I got so excited about the coffee, I couldn’t hold my camera straight!)

Or… maybe I need to become a decaffeinated connoisseur? :)  If decaf is your cup of tea (or coffee!) there’s “Homestead Coffee” whose motto is: “It’s good to settle down.”

Whether you choose Statehood, Cattledrive, or Homestead, it’s Oklahoma coffee!

And then there’s the other love of my life… chocolate in any way, shape, or form!

You may remember my birthday cake from this post.

Chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate!  Sigh.

So.. which do you prefer — coffee or chocolate?

(Two giveaway winners will receive one or the other!)

I’m leaning towards both… :)

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment below.  For an extra chance to win, please click “like” on the handy-dandy Facebook widget in my sidebar and say so, or tell me you’ve already “liked” me in your comment — no need to comment twice.  (Basically, one comment per person covers the whole she-bang.)  You may also comment on my Facebook page if you prefer.  Glad to see you at either place!

The winners will be picked out of a hat by The Man Of Few Words.  (Trust me, he’s impartial — and yes, I will write out two slips for every comment with a “like!”)  Winners will be notified the week of April 9th or as soon as humanly possible after the deadline.  Oh yeah, the deadline!  This giveaway ends at midnight CST April 9, 2012.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tina from flourtrader and Missy of Guns, Grub, and Other Goodies on winning the giveaway.  Thanks to all who entered!

That’s pretty much it, except to say thank you for a wonderful year!

Enjoying coffee AND chocolate,

~ Kim

Living The Foodie Dream

When you love food, it’s only natural to share that inclination with others — it’s what foodies do.  And that’s what my blogging friend, Missy, and her husband, John, have been doing since January 2nd — serving up platefuls of home cookin’ with generous sides of love.

It began as a dream to own a restaurant…

Known for her tasty quantity cooking at church dinners and the like, Missy mused, “Why not turn that into a living?”  Several months and lots of hard work later, the Main Street Cafe in Agra, Oklahoma opened under new management, and the rest is culinary history.

Situated 45 minutes north of I-40/Shawnee on Highway 18 (just up the road from Route 66), “Look for the oldest building in town,” says Missy.  A warm welcome awaits.  And some dang good chili.

Actually, the food was SO good, I forgot to take pictures of it!  (Well, most of it.)  Let’s just say that Missy’s burgers make Big Macs look like sliders.  And the fries… oh my.

In addition to standard lunchtime fare, Missy will be cooking up daily specials, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week.  (That’s a lot of cooking!)  With the only restaurant for miles around, this food-loving couple is destined for success.

To celebrate opening, customers were treated to complimentary homemade pie…

It was a tough call… lemon meringue, key lime, chocolate cream, coconut cream — or cobbler?  (I picked lemon meringue; The Man Of Few Words had apple cobbler.)  No doubt, word will get around — this is the food that feeds mainstream America.

I’m proud of Missy and John for following their hearts.

In 2012, their dream became a reality.

And their sign aptly says:

Or… as Missy says:

When you have a minute, please stop by Missy’s website and congratulate her on living the foodie dream.  Although she won’t have much time for blogging now, I’m sure she and John would appreciate the encouragement — it’s what foodies do.  (Thanks!)

Celebrating dreams come true,

~ Kim

My True Love Gave To Me…

It all started with a package of Portabellas…

And a trip to Lovera’s Italian Market

All, courtesy of The Man Of Few Words.

When it comes to gift-giving, he throws convention out the window.  (Gotta love a guy who knows nothing would thrill his wife more than quality ingredients and time to play with her food.)

This is one of the yummiest pasta sauces I’ve tasted recently, by it’s lonesome or served as a “side” with Portabella Pork Chops (which I’ll share in an upcoming post.)

Linguine with Gorgonzola Sauce

(adapted from the recipe on the back of the package)

8 oz. Dell’Alpe Parsley & Parmesan Linguine (or linguine of your choice)

2 Tbsp. butter

1/2 c. cream (I used half & half)

1/2 c. Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled

1/3 c. freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

Cerignola and Castelvetrano olives (for garnish)

Prepare pasta as directed on package.

Meanwhile, heat butter and cream in a small saucepan.  Stir in Gorgonzola and Parmesan until melted.  (I left a few “chunks” of Gorgonzola…)

When pasta is al dente, drain and return to pan.  (Reserve some pasta water to thin the sauce, if desired.)  Pour sauce over pasta; toss to coat.  Season with salt and pepper and garnish with olives or what have you.  Serve immediately.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An unexpected gift?  You bet!  I’ve learned to expect nothing less from my true love.

Wishing you peace, joy, and gifts that tickle your fancy,

~ Kim

Rhapsody In Blue II

“Love loveth best of all the year October’s bright blue weather.” ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

October’s Bright Blue Weather” was my piano teacher’s favorite poem.  I think of her often at this time of year and I miss her… until I read “the poem” and smile.

(And yes, my wind sock has coffee mugs on it.)  Viva la Coffee Revolution!  (Perhaps it’s time for another?)

But, the point of this post is not music.  Nor poetry.  Nor coffee.

(Nor the word nor.)

Although they’re an integral part of my life.  (Except nor.)

This, my friends, is a celebration of blue… Part II!

(Not the best illustration of my point, but I love that picture.)

Here’s my point…

At this red/orange/gold time of year, don’t overlook the obvious.

Look up and consider the Truth:

Blue is the backdrop of life… even in the midst of decay.

In loving memory of a mentor/teacher/friend who taught me…

Dissonance can be beautiful.

Blue is brightest in the throes of October.

And, harmony is surprisingly possible…

When you stand alone.

Enjoying October’s blues,

~ Kim