Something To Write Home About (II)

Letter writers are reporters for the newspaper of life. Columnists of the daily. Chroniclers of the ordinary. Copy editors of dreams.

That last point is perhaps best illustrated in a poem I read recently by j.i. kleinberg, author of the blog chocolate is a verb.

Please take a moment to immerse yourself in it.


“found poem” by j.i. kleinberg (used with permission)

As a life-long letter writer I was captivated by Judy’s succinct description… an explanation, if you will, of why I write letters. (Not that I need to explain myself, lol!) She nailed it and my gut reaction was YES. (I love it when someone unexpectedly defines a part of me that has heretofore been indescribable!) Thank you.

To me, this is what letter writing is about — revealing yourself line by line and sorting out life by the paragraph. (Personally… and preferably with a pen.) No backspace. No delete. Put it out there!

Letter-writing is a soul-baring business and the best letters are those filled with unabashed opinions and juicy thoughts — our true, unedited selves. Somehow, I think poets feel the same way about writing poems, xo.

Dangly Thingy

Fluid lines appeal to me (as does transparency) in letter-writing, poetry, and “dangly things.” (This one happens to grace my current writing space — aka ‘Garden Room’ — courtesy of my late sister.) I gave it to her after she crashed her Harley ten years ago (not her fault!) while she was convalescing in a nursing home for five months with casts up to her hips and shoulders — with a terrific attitude, I might add. It brightened her room, and now it brightens my life. (And I miss writing to her!)

For every letter, there’s a designated “receiver”– someone as willing to read your thoughts as you are eager to write them — whether they write back or not! FYI, I preface or ‘postlude’ many of my letters with an abject apology of sorts: “Don’t feel like you have to respond or keep up with me word-wise.” (Can’t help myself… it’s who I am.)

Letters are our indelible history in the making (if we don’t “tell,” who will?)… a mutual exchange of souls, and as so eloquently stated, “intimate art.”

Long live poets and letter-writers!

Enjoying a lil’ soul-baring,

~ Kim

Another Side of Me


I was working on something for my writing group and this was the most expedient way to get it to them.

Hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride. :)

Welcome to another side of me…



In the Springtime of my Youth,

Life was bright with promise.

Pastel with anticipation.

Rife with possibilities.

Then came Summer and the neon of Now.

Live and love.

Laugh and learn.

(The glare of the moment often outweighed the consequences.)

Enter the muted tones of


Subtle.  Serene.

Softer shades of beautiful.


now that I’m facing the black and white of Eternity,

I have no regrets!

Only light, and music.

But at the present moment…

the softness of sepia

suits me.

.   .   .

Enjoying every breath,

~ Kim

Where are you in the journey?

Rhapsody In Blue II

“Love loveth best of all the year October’s bright blue weather.” ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

October’s Bright Blue Weather” was my piano teacher’s favorite poem.  I think of her often at this time of year and I miss her… until I read “the poem” and smile.

(And yes, my wind sock has coffee mugs on it.)  Viva la Coffee Revolution!  (Perhaps it’s time for another?)

But, the point of this post is not music.  Nor poetry.  Nor coffee.

(Nor the word nor.)

Although they’re an integral part of my life.  (Except nor.)

This, my friends, is a celebration of blue… Part II!

(Not the best illustration of my point, but I love that picture.)

Here’s my point…

At this red/orange/gold time of year, don’t overlook the obvious.

Look up and consider the Truth:

Blue is the backdrop of life… even in the midst of decay.

In loving memory of a mentor/teacher/friend who taught me…

Dissonance can be beautiful.

Blue is brightest in the throes of October.

And, harmony is surprisingly possible…

When you stand alone.

Enjoying October’s blues,

~ Kim