In My Kitchen ~ May 2016


In My Kitchen is a slightly wilted bouquet from my beloved, presented upon my arrival HOME over a week ago! (I try to make blessings last as long as possible.)

It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I can attest to that truth, especially after being away from hearth, home, hubby, and you (not necessarily in that order) for 3-1/2 months while I took care of my Mom in Minnesota. There was a lot to attend to — moving Mom to an assisted living apartment, cleaning and downsizing her home (60 years’ worth of “memorabilia”), and ultimately bringing part of it home to sort at my leisure… which is why my kitchen currently looks like this. (Sorry for the lighting; we’ve had a few storms blow through.)

But, that batch of chocolate chip cookie dough lurking between the “rubble” and the pile of dishes on the far side of my sink attest to the fact that I’m finally cooking and baking again, yay!

Kitchen Sweet Kitchen

In My Kitchen… is tilapia en papillote seasoned with Old Bay, freshly ground black pepper, tarragon, Vidalia onions, lemon slices, black olives, and capers, nestled on a bed of asparagus and julienned carrots. My grown-up “Happy Meal!”

It feels so good to cook again.

(And eat.)

Springtime Happy Meal

In My Kitchen… is a vintage cookie jar (rescued from the dusty recesses of a hutch at my Mom’s — I haven’t seen that thing since I was a kid) to store The Man Of Few Word’s treats in.

He even called it a real cookie jar — nice that he “noticed!”

And I obviously got that batch of cookies made. :)

Cookie Jar

Looking forward to perusing your kitchens, in between “sorting” and unpacking. Many thanks to Maureen at Orgasmic Chef for hostessing this monthly gathering of kitchen goodies world-wide. If you’d like to participate (or ogle), head over to her link above. It’s a LOT of fun and I’ve been sorely missing it — and you!

Enjoying week-old bouquets and being back In My Kitchen again,

~ Kim