The Little Green Guy Speaks (A “Guest Post” from Gumby)

Hi, y’all — it’s me again.

Kimby’s been zooming around on a gazillion different projects and I’m wondering if she’ll ever slow down long enough to comment on your blogs.  (Don’t get me wrong — she reads them all the time — but truth be told, she’s been slacking in the comment department… ahem.)

There’s hope for her yet…

This morning I watched her sit down at the computer with a BIG SMILE on her face.  Then she said out loud (yes, talks to herself once in awhile…), “Today, I’m going to spend the entire day with my blogging friends!”

Yup.  She loves seeing what you’re up to — I do, too.  (Really!)  Betcha didn’t know I could read — I was created to promote reading for kids. :)

Just last night I asked (yes, moi) on Kimby’s Facebook page: “How do you plan to celebrate your extra time?” 

(It’s Leap Year Day today, yippee!)

You can leave your answer there or here.  And while you’re at it, hit the “like” button — (please) — little green guys need lovin’ too. :)

Enjoying “guest posting,” (woohoo!)

~ Gumby