Beauty Among The Thorns

Beauty Among The Thorns

After the series of tornadoes that devastated the Oklahoma City area, it seemed appropriate to “celebrate” the long weekend with friends nearby.  (I miss my family 750 miles away…)  Hearts gathered and hearths welcomed.

Mindful was the unspoken word… mindful of those grieving the loss of loved ones… mindful of a kitchen to cook in and food to cook with… mindful that Nature can turn on a dime and make you feel thankful to be alive and grateful for every little thing.

I won’t regale you with my thoughts on the matter; instead I’ll post a few photos from this weekend that brought me joy and pray that my view of the world doesn’t seem trite.

Oriole at the Feeder I

Oriole at the Feeder

Oriole Nest in our front yard

Oriole Nest in our front yard

One of the highlights was the return of our lake neighbors.  (The non-bird variety!)  We renewed our friendship over an invitation for homemade beans & ham & corn bread at their home one evening, followed by brunch here the next day.  Hearty food seemed to be in order.  Souls as well as bodies needed nourishing.

My brunch menu consisted of a “breakfast bake” with ham, cheese, potatoes, and eggs (along with a second, smaller “bake” ala Kimby… crumbled bacon, green onions, and thickly sliced baby portabello mushrooms sauteed to golden goodness, nestled in a Dijon and nutmeg spiced custard), waffles with homemade butter-pecan syrup, plenty of strong coffee, and homemade biscuits courtesy of the aforementioned neighbor.

Afterwards, returning dishes and carrying leftovers was a mutual pleasure, especially when they pointed out the Mockingbird nest in a hedge at the edge of their drive.

I would have missed it if they hadn’t shown me!

Which brings me to surmise…

Mockingbird Nest & Eggs I

Home is where the heart is, even when your nest is temporary.

Hospitality takes on more importance in the wake of tragedy.

Hope (and beauty) can be found among the thorns.

Prickly Pear ready to bloom

Share something spectacular with someone you love today.  It can mean the difference between heartbreak… and joy.

Enjoying the blessing of perspective,

~ Kimby