Court Bouillon

The Court Bouillon pictured above was a mix of several recipes and what I had on hand. Thank you, Alton Brown, Epicurious, and Genius Kitchen! Revisiting a recipe (and variations thereof) is a lot like visiting with old and new friends. Everyone contributes to the conversation with flavorful, memorable results.

My goal — besides feeding myself — was to use up some of the fish in our freezer. Thanks to TMOFW’s prowess with a fishing rod and patience with our fickle lake, the poached bass fillet that resulted was near nirvana. (Sorry, no photo.) As Forrest Gump once quipped: “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The same applies to thrift store treasures.

Old friends

I arrived at The Mission yesterday intent on serving others and ended up coming home blessed with two “old friends.” I love it when the Universe smiles!

This stainless steel skillet features a copper clad bottom (also not pictured, nor its handle, ha!) and it was a favorite saute’ pan in my previous life. Diminutive in size — 7″ or so — it delivered BIG flavor in small batches and clean up was a breeze. What a JOY to rekindle an old friendship.

The cake stand behind it was another “find.” I don’t bake very often these days due to my allergies (dang it!), but when I do I like to present my oven lovin’ with a lil’ flair.  Serving pieces are like a spectacular pair of earrings adorning an outfit. Go for the BLING! Speaking of which…

Hummer feeder

Our hummingbirds are due back soon and our weather-worn, faded plastic feeder was in sore need of replacing. Bling! I call our new one “The Jewel of the Lake.” :)

Do what makes you happy.

Last, but not least…

New friends and old continue to make my world go ’round. I love you all!

Enjoying treasures,

~ Kim

Treats & Treasures II

Let it be known for the record that I am not a shopper.

Or at least not your typical shopper…

(Unless you count going to the grocery store amongst your greatest thrills.)

But, every once in a while, a girl’s gotta shop… in which case, I head for the Flea Market.

And then… I come home with my “treasures.”

“You got what?” is the typical response from The Man Of Few Words, accompanied by a grin. :)

(He’s grown accustomed to my avante-garde acquisitions…)

Meet my new paper weight...

Inevitably, they’re linked to…


Which brings me to these babies — $3.00 for a set of six!

(Believe me, I count my blessings.)

Which leads me to an ongoing debate…

which I’d like to settle, once and for all.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Look again, people… it’s overflowing.

(Even when it’s empty.)

Enjoying the inevitable,

~ Kim

Treats & Treasures

Treats turn ordinary days into treasures.

Breakfast in bed…

Warm scones on a sun-kissed morning…

Unexpected awards…

I make breakfast in bed occasionally (unless I want a bowl of Corn Pops — no offense, honey…) because I love the idea of it.

Many days I greet the dawn with a mug of coffee on the deck… but nibbling on warm scones elevates it to something special.

Then there are surprise treats — those “out of the blue,” make-you-smile, aw shucks moments that make the world a nicer place to be — like receiving “The Shower Of Awards” from Isabelle, of Isabelle At HomeThank you so much!  Gifts from the heart are the treats that I treasure most.  (Corn Pops included.)  And if you’ve never, ever read Isabelle’s blog, I highly encourage you to treat yourself today.  Thanks again, sweet friend!

Awards of this nature were meant to be shared — to uplift others in their blogging pursuits.  Since this particular award centers on cooking, I’ll take this opportunity to share it with the food-related friends I had to leave out last time.  (Hopefully without another Mushroom Crostini attack.)  No, wait…  I feel the need to compensate for leaving out my writing/inspirational friends…

I treasure all of you.  I hope you know that.

Without further ado, “The Shower of Awards” goes to…

Mama Bear Central … While I realize that bears hibernate over the winter, I’m hoping this award will prompt you out of your slumber.  I’m ready to be regaled with more of your wit, wisdom and insight.  And recipes!  Your blog makes me happy, Kimberly, and it encompasses everything I love — cooking, writing, poetry and photography (in Colorado, no less.)

Cookin’ Canuck…  Dara, I can’t thank you enough for Poached Egg on Toast with Chipotle Mayonnaise, Bacon and Avocado — simply scrumptious.  Your recipes are flavorful, your photography is appealing, and your website is a delight.

The Irish Mother…  Pardon me, my heritage is showing.  (Some of my relatives hail from the Emerald Isle!)  Your Orange Scones were bliss in a basket, Margaret.  No Blarney.  Plus I love your motto — and the way you love your family.

A Zesty Bite… I happened upon Meagan’s blog on Tasty Kitchen and found a source for the Tex Mex food I love — and a wedding in the making.  (Excitin’ times in the Lone Star state!)

Belle of The Kitchen… There’s something about a Southern belle that implies charm, gentility and good cookin’.  Although Dorothy doesn’t post frequently (busy wife of a busy seminary student), her recipes are worth the wait.  Go on over and sit a spell.

The Red Spoon… Meg’s photography is SO fresh it jumps off the page (or computer screen, as it were…)  Check out The Scoop and discover why this young chef makes me smile.

Family Fresh Cooking…  “Delicious, whole food recipes to inspire healthy lives.”  Marla’s love of healthy food is apparent and her blog is the only one I’ve found with a “mission statement.”  Now that’s committed!

basilmomma… “All of the life that happens along the way” — and “real food,” as Heather puts it.  I happen to read her blog because of good writing and good recipes!  (I’m also hoping this award will be the icing on her anniversary cake.)

The Pioneer Woman — and Orangette — Oklahomans who have garnered many accolades in their own right.  My day wouldn’t be the same without them.  Love ya, Ree!  Love ya, Molly!

Congratulations, award winners — and thanks again, Isabelle, for inspiring me to “pass it on!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now for the prerequisite to accepting random awards…  Seven More Things About Me.  (Yikes.)  Here goes…

1)  I sported a modified bowl-cut throughout my childhood.

2)  I’m pretty sure caffeine is part of my DNA.

3)  Jan was my favorite Brady.

4)  I love to play Scrabble.

5)  I once read “Nicholas and Alexandra” in one night, aced the final, and then slept for two days, alternately dreaming about Rasputin and Faberge eggs.

6)  Some of my best friends are books.

7)  Most of them are older than me.  :)

Matthew 6:21,

~ Kim