Turning Over A New Leaf… Again

Damp Leaves

You’ve heard the ol’ saying, “You are what you eat.” If that’s true, then I’m a stick of butter. A plate of pasta. A warm-out-of-the-oven slice of bread. A hunk o’ cheese. A mess.

During my 50+ years on the planet, I’ve noticed a pattern: the major events of my life occur in October. From career changes to creative adventures, cathartic ‘aha’s’ to cataclysmic ‘oh no’s,’ October is a head-on collision between the way it was and the way it is.

My current ‘life revision’ stems from the nagging lil’ thoughts I drag around, ignore, or don’t do a dang thing about until they bite me in the… well, let’s just say until they rear their ugly heads and scream. (Similar to listening to an echo and finally figuring out who’s making all the noise.)

This year the echoes amassed into a sonic boom.

Bear in mind, I grew up on wheat and dairy and I love ’em. However, I’m also not opposed to change when I need to, nor am I averse to changing when I have to. It’s just that I like chewing on an idea for awhile… preferably laden with butter.

Food has been a great source of pleasure, from my earliest memories to now. But, when the morsels on my plate threw a revolt with physical repercussions, it was time to reconsider which foods are “right for me.”

Am I gluten intolerant? Not sure yet. Dairy sensitive? Time will tell.

Give me 30 days!

Basically I’ve had to step away from cooking and eating “as I know it” (not an easy thing after a half-century in the kitchen doin’ the same ol’ same ol’) and try something new. (My strong suit.)

With that approach, I believe balance will be achieved.

In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed some incredible new-to-me meals — and methods — as shown below. (Actually, there were more, but alas, sometimes my fork is faster than my shutter speed.)

Apologies, too, for the linkless photos. (Hope you’ll look ’em up on my blog roll.) I tried everything I could to get technology to cooperate. Sigh…

Some changes are easier to make than others.

Are you considering turning over a new leaf… again?

FYI, that idiom has nothing to do with “leaves” and everything to do with fresh starts… but I like taking pictures of leaves. ;)

It is October, after all.


Enjoying rethinking life… and food,

~ Kimby