Rhapsody in Blue V

Feb 14 Sunrise 2014

This morning’s blue-tinged sunrise reminded me that I hadn’t penned a Rhapsody in Blue post in awhile. Here’s one of my favorites. While I realize Valentine’s Day has an entirely different color scheme (rife with flowers and heart-shaped boxes of candy), I gratefully accept treats of any sort, in any color.

Including these…


Last night The Man Of Few Words came home with his adorable boyish grin, two jars of olives, and an explanation: “I wasn’t sure if you could eat chocolate yet.” (Apparently, my recent gluten & dairy experimentation has made an impact on him.) Next year I may have to start waxing on about the merits of ‘high percentage’ quality chocolate and/or cocoa nibs in mid-January (lol), but truthfully, I thought it was the most thoughtful Valentine gift I ever received. Gotta love that man!

(A favorite photo from the archives… he keeps the home fires burnin’… and mine.)

End of The Day

Additional cause for today’s blue Valentine was the recent acquisition of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue!

Rhapsody in Blue

Several area thrift stores have “vintage” music bins and I could spend hours thumbing through them. (They just don’t write ’em like that anymore!) On this particular outing, I happened upon two versions of the same song. One was a simpler arrangement for the sheer joy of playing that gorgeous melody without having to ‘work’ at it…


And the other was a “concert level” rendition, which I aspire to play someday.

Be still, my heart…

As blue as this Valentine’s post may be, I hope it brought you JOY. (I’ll be smiling about those olives for at least another week!)

Here’s another glimpse of this morning’s beauty…

Valentines Day Sunrise

Wishing you a lovely, thoughtful Valentine’s Day. xo

Enjoying unconventional colors and gifts,

~ Kim

What’s the most memorable (or out of the ordinary) gift you ever received?

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate covered cherries close up

Forrest Gump’s mama once advised him that life was like a box of chocolates.  “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Personally, I like knowing what I’m going to get as far as chocolate is concerned.  Those “maps” tucked into the cover of the box have been known to be wrong from time to time.  (Ever happen to you?)

When my taste buds crave almond toffee caramel, then, by gum, there’d better be an almond toffee caramel in that chocolate-coated morsel!  (None of that “wish I hadn’t taken a bite” regret for this girl, followed by a covert attempt to politely dispose of a half-eaten mystery object… ahem.)

I do have to admit though, there’s a certain amount of satisfaction (aka guilty pleasure) in sampling your way through an entire box of “uncharted chocolates.”

Never mind…

Maybe that’s why I like chocolate covered cherries so much.

You always know what you’re gonna get!

Chocolate covered cherries retouch phase

(For the recipe, please see Veronica’s Cornucopia.)

Thanks, Veronica!

Chocolate covered cherries front and center

As for life?  It’s still “predictably” unpredictable… which is exactly what I expected.  Some days are the same ol’, same ol’ (but sweet, nonetheless), while other days are like biting into the unknown.

Just don’t mess with my box of chocolates!

Enjoying chocolate-covered musings,

~ Kimby

P.S.  This is my “official” Valentine’s Day post.  I’ll be off the grid for the next week (or two) as I absorb the wonder of a songwriting class I signed up for (beginning March 1st) and tickle the ivories at the Oklahoma State Fiddler’s Convention. :)  Stay tuned…literally!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!